Saturday, January 25, 2014

Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Cosmeceutical Youth-Boosting Spotless Foundation RANT

This is not a review but a rant. I don't normally do this but this product has irked me in more ways than one and I've owned it less than 24 hours. It's bothering me beyond the point of forgetting it and I hope this rant will keep someone else from being bothered by it. I tend to not like posting negative views on products. It's more fun to talk about stuff you like, isn't it? But this...this deserves a ranting blog post.

This is a new foundation product by Physicians Formula. It retails for $14.95. I bought mine at CVS and I had good coupons so I ended up paying maybe $7.00 for it but I'm still pissed. The instant I saw it I was reminded of that Ardency Inn Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate that I've been dying to try. Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a drugstore version of that?? I mean, you know there will never be the same amount of shades, but still. It'd be cool. I had to try this stuff. Honestly, I immediately dismissed the crap claims of 'turns you 10 years younger' and 'removes your dark spots.' I just wanted to know how it performed as a foundation. A lightweight serum with great coverage would be very awesome.

 photo physiciansformulayouthfulwearspotless_zps1ec3b4a7.jpg
RANT #1: The friggin name! Why does Physicians Formula have to have entire paragraphs as product names? There's more on the box that could probably be considered part of the name but I got sick of typing it all in my post title! I know, this is a small gripe, but I had to mention it. I like products that have 2 or 3 word names. You say them and everyone knows what you're talking about. If you shorten the names of Physicians Formula products, you could be talking about one of 5 different things. It's annoying.

RANT #2: The brush is crap. Tiny and rough. Please to be not including crap applicators when that money could've gone into better product/packaging.

 photo physiciansformulayouthfulwearspotlessmess_zpsd4287923.jpg
RANT #3: The method of dispensing and the mess. The directions say to shake before using. I shook this thing 2 times and this is what it looks like. I didn't even want to show you the inside of the cap. With continued use this thing will become a disaster waiting to happen. Why did they decide on a stupid dropper instead of a dripper bottle like MAC Face & Body? The dropper and glass bottle is probably more expensive! Urgh.

 photo physiciansformulayouthfulwearspotlessswatch1_zps831baec5.jpg  photo physiciansformulayouthfulwearspotlessswatch2_zps257785dd.jpg
RANT #4: The shade. There are only three shades. I bought the lightest one, of course, called Light. Keep in mind I'm not the fairest of fair skinned. I would estimate I'm about NC20-25ish in MAC shades. As soon as I swatched this product my face fell. It's freaking orange. The first picture is it swatched on my pale inner arm. The second picture is unblended product on my jawline. (Disregard the neck hair plz.) It's darker than it appears in the pictures even. You call this light?? No one lighter than Temptalia is going to be able to use this. WTF Physicians Formula. WTF.

So there you have it. Sorry for the bundle of negativity today, guys. I should've known better, I've been burned by Physicians Formula in the past.


  1. Wish there were more shade selections. I think Im gonna pass.

  2. Ahhh, grosss!!! Thanks for doing the dirty work and testing this for us!!!

  3. I'm a bit lighter than a NC15 so this is definitely a no for me! I think the bad reviews are just as important (if not more important) as the good ones! You saved me some money because I was considering purchasing this product!!!

  4. thanks for this helpful review, you have saved me some money!

  5. Great review sorry you spent all that money!!!!!
    -Jenna <3
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