Sunday, September 29, 2013

Revlon Evening Opulence Fall Collection swatches

Hi! I came across the new Revlon collection at Walgreens yesterday and picked up a few pieces. I got the two lip butters, the eyeshadow palette and two of the lipglosses. I took some pictures to share with you.

 photo revloneveningopulencecollection_zps7931fbdc.jpg

 photo revloneveningopulencelipbutters_zpsad57d3d2.jpg
The two new Lip Butters, Invite Only and Provocative.

 photo revloneveningopulencecolorburstglosses_zps74543eac.jpg
Two of the new ColorBurst lipglosses, Bejeweled and Adorned.

 photo revlonmusephotoreadypalette_zpsdcfda77d.jpg
A close up of the PhotoReady eyeshadow palette called Muse.

 photo revloneveningopulencecollectionlipproductsswatches_zps412c8dd5.jpg
Swatches of the lip products. From the bottom up: Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters in Invite Only and Provocative, ColorBurst Lip Glosses in Bejeweled and Adorned. The Lip Butters look amazing in the tube, as you can see from above, but they are very sheer. Invite Only is basically clear with some iridescent shimmer and Provocative has a very subtle pink look to it, also with iridescent shimmer. They're not really necessary, but I think they look awesome and I have a sick obsession with Lip Butters, I must own them all. Bejeweled has little to no pigmentation and ends up just looking like a milky nude lip. If you have Revlon's Lilac Pastelle or Peach Petal, you likely don't need this. I wish it was more opaque, it looks like a cool greyish pink in the tube. Adorned is obviously the star of this group. It's a brilliant fuchsia with a flashy shimmer. I love it and I recommend it if you're only picking up one lip product from this collection.

 photo revlonmusephotoreadyswatches2_zpsc424faea.jpg  photo revlonmusephotoreadyswatches1_zps3521a86a.jpg
This is the purple themed eyeshadow palette, Muse. This palette is partly a dud and partly awesome. The first two colors, the lilac and dusty plum are a little meh. I had to pile on the lilac to get it to show, and the plum was pigmented but rather patchy and I'm guessing it would get muddy and dirty on the eye pretty quickly. The middle purple is beautiful! The glitter doesn't really show up in the swatch but I didn't really expect it to. The last two shades are absolutely gorgeous. The lightest color in the palette is a beautiful opalescent glittery blue. I tried my hardest to capture this color in my swatches but really I couldn't do it justice. The last shade is a glittery dark teal and it is really quite awesome.

Thanks for looking everyone, and hope you found this helpful!


  1. What a shame that palette isn't quite so awesome. The colours look amazing in the pan. I love Adorned!

  2. The eyeshade palette have dazzling colours. They look perfect for creating a night party look with smoky eyes. I also like the colours of the lip glosses. Do they stay for long?


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