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Stila Eyeshadow Collection & Swatches

All products in this post were paid for by me.

This all started because I really wanted MAC Smoke & Diamonds eyeshadow, but the only way I could get it in a way that didn't kill my wallet was to buy a decent dupe, which is Stila Diamond Lil eyeshadow. I bought it on eBay, and because of my sickness in which I don't like anything to be alone, and I like consistency in my freeform palettes, I uh...acquired 29 more. >.>

Please note that I didn't buy any of these eyeshadows at full price. Most of these I got on All Cosmetics Wholesale. I also bought several on eBay. Most of them I paid under $10.00, and I think the highest price I paid was around $15.00ish. Since these retail for $18.00, I think that's pretty good.

Anyway, I have 30 Stila single eyeshadows in 2 Z-palettes to show you today, and I really like them. There are a couple of duds, which I'll note below. Here we go!

 photo stilaeyeshadowpansgroup1_zpseb5faa95.jpg  photo stilaeyeshadowpansgroup2_zps989b7f9e.jpg 
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 photo stilaeyeshadowswatches1_zps5ba3749e.jpg
  • Chinois - This is a matte pale beige that's got a slightly greyed, eggshell feel to it. A very nice browbone highlight. Quite pigmented, looks a bit chalky in the swatch, but works great none the less.
  • Prize - A very glittery light gold. Very powdery and kicks up a lot of dust when you put a brush to it. Lots of fall out as well, but it's a pretty color.
  • Heather - Light shimmery pink.
  • Cloud - Similar to Heather in lightness of the shade, only it's more greyed & neutral.
  • Wheat - A nice light champagny gold. This one's very pretty.

 photo stilaeyeshadowswatches2_zpsaa84f2d1.jpg
  • Launey - A light satiny peach with lots of very fine gold glitter.
  • Oasis - Perfect champagny light peach.
  • Dune - It's hard to see, it's almost the exact same color as the skin on my arm. A matte skintone shade. It's pigmented and would be a great all over lid color or a base to blend other colors against.
  • Eden - Similar to Dune in lightness, it's just mauvey. A nice blender color.
  • Kamet - This one was a dud for me. It looks like a light grey in the pan, almost like MAC's Copperplate, but the texture was extremely dry & hard. I had to scrape product out of the pan with a small spatula to get this swatch. Bummer.

 photo stilaeyeshadowswatches3_zps42e54a46.jpg
  • Sun - A champagne sparkle color with some fine glitter. It's similar to Oasis only Oasis is gold & Sun is peachy.
  • Sparkle - A somewhat subdued gold. I like this one a lot.
  • Champara - Nice light brown matter color. 
  • Chinchina - Very similar to Champara only more reddish.
  • Viola - A lovely mauvey shimmer. 

 photo stilaeyeshadowswatches4_zps22594008.jpg
  • Shore - An interesting lilac silver with quite a bit of glitter. It's a bit darker than it appears here. Really nice color.
  • Jezebel - Peach shimmer.
  • Tolima - Another matte brown. Darker than Champara & Chinchina.
  • Tone - A matte dusty purplish shade. This one didn't swatch very well, there's not much pigmentation going on. It looks much darker in the pan than it swatches.
  • Pigalle - A cranberry shimmer. This one had medium pigmentation.

 photo stilaeyeshadowswatches5_zpsbf55834b.jpg
  • Grace - A lovely taupey shimmer. Seems a bit more cool toned in real life than it is here.
  • Ray - Orange shimmer.
  • Kalahoo - Nicely pigmented matte gray, leans purple. I'd recommend Kalahoo over Tone.
  • Poise - A pretty plum shimmer in the pan, but a pain to swatch. Very patchy.
  • Illimani - Gorgeous matte red-brown. Great pigmentation.

 photo stilaeyeshadowswatches6_zps00001dc5.jpg
  • Golightly - I think this is a popular color, and it's easy to see why. It's a beautiful bronze shimmer.
  • La Douce - A rather murky olive shimmer.
  • Diamond Lil - My absolute favorite of all of them. It's so complex. There's grey, there's taupe, there's gold. You need this one. 
  • Twig - A nice reddened brown shimmer. 
  • Indigo - A matte navy, somewhat patchy, but not the worst by any means.
So what do you think? Do you have any single Stila eyeshadows?

Have a good weekend!


  1. The only single eyeshadow I have is from Stila is Kitten! I really like Diamond Lil, that is a fabulous colour!!

  2. Gorgeous swatches! I have some of these and I haven't worn them in ages. Thanks for reminding me. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the swatches, lovely colors! :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  4. I liked all the products and the so you have shared here with us keep posting more such things for us to have a better idea of the things


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