Sunday, August 26, 2012

Maybelline Limited Edition Color Tattoos from Target

I've been hearing about some other limited edition Color Tattoos that people were finding at Target. Naturally, I didn't rest until I found them myself!

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The colors are Blue On By, Ready Set Green, Fuchsia Fever and Test My Teal. They are gorgeous in the pot! A couple of them were noticeably hard to swatch, however.


Blue On By and Fuchsia Fever were more sheer and had to be layered on to achieve the color you see above. Blue On By was the worst of the two. It took 4-5 swipes with lots of careful patting to avoid disturbing the color. Fuchsia Fever was more workable and only took a couple of swipes. (If you're familiar with Painted Purple from the regular Color Tattoo line, these were similar.) The other two, Ready Set Green and Test My Teal, were on par with the regular range of Color Tattoos, achieving good color with one swipe.

If you only want the non-finicky ones from this limited edition set, I highly recommend Ready Set Green and Test My Teal.


  1. Thats too bad that a few of theses colors aren't up to the standards of the rest of the line :( Thanks for the swatches and the heads up about them!

  2. Eeeek these are so pretty! I love all the colors but the fact that some of them are sheer is just disappointing.

  3. These are very pretty! I especially like Test My Teal. I still haven't tried the Color Tattoos yet... I know, it's unbelievable!

  4. I had heard great things about these. Good to know that some arean't as great as others and are better to avoid.

  5. wow nice colors all :) i like all of them :)

  6. Man, I want them all. So stunning!

  7. ready set green looks GORGEOUS!!!


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