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Review: Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara

Hey all! I have a mascara review for you today.


I swear, my mascara addiction is a sickness. I have a Holy Grail mascara (Cover Girl Super Thick Lash) yet I keep trying new ones! I can never resist the siren song of a brand new mascara. I really am quite a sucker for advertising. Most recently I fell victim to Revlon's PhotoReady 3D Volume mascara. This mascara has generally positive reviews from the general makeup-obsessed populace, from what I can tell. But you're wanting to know how it worked for me! I'll show you. But let's peek at the brush first.


The brush reminds me so much of Benefit's They're Real Mascara's brush. I've never used that, but it is a straight plastic bristle brush with the spikey ball on the end, just like this brush. Pretty interesting, huh? I've never seen a brush like this in a drugstore mascara. You can probably see that mascara tends to glob up on the spikey ball.

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If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you've probably noticed I have pretty darn good lashes. I attribute them to genetics and castor oil. (Seriously, it works!) They're completely blond and unseeable without mascara, but with mascara, they're KAPOW! My 'desert island' cosmetic choice is mascara, I simply can't live without it. Anyway, I digress. My point was my lashes are pretty good already, but I think PhotoReady 3D Volume takes them to the level of 'absolutely awesome.' They look great when I wear this: thick, full, long, and pitch black. Perfecto!

The other thing you should know about me and mascara is that certain things are absolute deal breakers with me. I cannot stand smudging and flaking. I hate having to wipe underneath my eyes throughout the day or having to apply some concealer because my mascara smudged. If I had to pick my poison, I'd say I prefer flaking, because it's somewhat easier to deal with than smudging, but I hate them both.

The first day I wore this, it smudged pretty badly. I'd say it was about a 3.5 on a 1-5 smudge scale, 5 being the worst and 1 being no smudging at all. Then, oddly, as the tube aged, there was less smudging and more flaking. (Do you ever find that mascara behaves differently the longer the tube has been open?) I'm a few weeks into this tube and my biggest problem now is flaking and the occasional smear. It looks so awesome on my lashes, however, I find I'm willing to forgive that and wear the mascara anyway.

Application is very nice. I use the spikey ball to quickly distribute a bunch of product on my lashes, and then I comb through with the brush held horizontally. This mascara amazes me in that it's a very wet formula, and you can apply and keep going and going and going. You can turn your brush to get a fresh side again and again and keep applying. It doesn't seem to clump up, it just keeps building on itself. It's really interesting! I love how buildable it is. I also love how black the formula is.

I'm honestly not sure if I'll repurchase this mascara or not at this point. I'm leaning towards yes, because it gives me absolutely amazing lashes, and I can deal with the flaking after the tube ages a bit.

Have you tried Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume? What did you think of it?

Thanks for reading and I hope this review was helpful. :)


  1. This mascara looks amazing on your lashes! The last gimmicky mascara I got sucked into was the Maybelline Illegal Lenth one. I was so disappointed by it, I've kind of been holding off on trying any other new mascaras. But your lashes have almost convinced me to pick this one up! And yes, I couldn't agree more that mascaras do seem to 'age.' Some get better with age, others get worse!

  2. This is beautiful on you, but too bad about the smudging/ flaking! I tend to like mascaras better the older they are... L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes or whatever the heck it's called flakes a lot on me when it's new, but works just fine when it's aged a little...

  3. I've always been completely jealous of your lashes. *Sigh* This mascara looks great on them. I've never heard of it before and I'm not sure it'll even reach Australia.

  4. Your lashes look amazing! I don't think I can find this around here though :(

  5. I haven't tried it but hate mascaras that clump or don't define. I have long lashes too so I go for defining mascaras. Don't like flaking either!! lol Don't know how I feel about this one- I kind of like the wand..

  6. It looks AMAZING on you! Your lashes look fake. :) Hate flaking though, what a dilemma!

    Have you tried using a waterproof topcoat over the top?


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