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FOTD: The Girl on Fire (plus Hunger Games reaction)

So, I just went and saw The Hunger Games today. >.> I know, I know, I'm only like a month behind! I had to badger my husband into it or I'd have gone alone! But I finally saw it. And it was nice because the theater wasn't crowded in the least and the other patrons weren't annoying. So I did my makeup inspired by 'The Girl on Fire.' I'm sure you guys have seen makeup inspired by this like a thousand times by now. I'll go ahead and tell you that mine isn't that original or flamboyant or special. ;)

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Products used:
Revlon New Complexion Foundation
Revlon PhotoReady 3D Concealer
Smashbox Halo powder
WnW Bronzer in Ticket to Brazil
LA Colors Mineral Blush in Chai
ELF Studio Blush in Gotta Glow
ELF Studio Browkit
NYC City Proof Lipgloss in Gold With Me

UDPP in Eden
Bobbi Brown Bone eyeshadow
Fyrinnae Red Panda
Coastal Scents Vibrant Red Hot Pot
Coastal Scents Midas Gold Hot Pot
Sally Girl Gold Baked eyeshadow
Sugarpill Bulletproof eyeshadow
ELF Black Cream Liner
NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Gold
Maybelline The Falsies

I asked my husband if my look evoked 'fire' and he said 'not really.' :-/ He said it made him think of OSU. Whatever.

Soooo, now for my reaction to the movie! I am a fan of the books and I've read all three. I read the first one a second time in preparation for the movie. If you haven't seen it and don't want to get spoiled, I suggest you X out now!


What I liked:
  • I really, really loved the characterization of Peeta and Josh Hutcherson as an actor. When I first saw pictures of him I was really skeptical. Peeta is actually my favorite character in the book, even moreso than Katniss in a lot of ways, and Josh was under a lot of pressure in my mind to make Peeta right. And he did! He did a fantastic job. He was every bit the caring, baker's boy, teddy-bear goofball that I knew from the books. He has such a sweet innocent face with those big puppy dog eyes, you just can't help but love him. I loved that they put in the part with him crying on the way to the train. It was in the book and I didn't really expect it to be in the movie, but it was. I loved it. 
  • The dress on fire during Katniss's interview before the games! In the book she did this very air-headed giggling and twirling bit and I just thought it was kind of dumb. It was so clever of them to make her dress on fire as well so she could spin and show everyone. I loved that part, I thought it was one of the best changes from the books.
  • The entire look and presentation of The Capitol and EFFIE! I absolutely loved all the crazy costumes and makeup, even though we didn't see but vague flashes of the general population. Effie was just wonderful! She commanded attention and she got a lot of laughs from the theater I was in.
  • The sports-like commentary interspersed with Games events. I thought this was a clever way to explain things to the audience who hadn't read the books. Plus, OMG, Stanley Tucci! Was he not amazing??? I had my doubts about him but he WAS Caeser Flickerman, no doubt about it!
  • The tracker jacker swarm was even more terrifying in the movie than it was in the books for me. I was seriously squirming and uncomfortable during that entire scene.
  • The delicate romance building. The could've done this in the completely wrong way and made it so fan-fiction like. I was afraid they'd put in some cheesy make-out scene and ruin everything. But they handled it perfectly, almost exactly like the book. I thought the scene in the cave where Peeta puts ointment on Katniss's cut was one of the most romantic things I'd ever seen. Katniss is just staring at Peeta and you can tell she likes what she sees. I loved how they chastely cuddled together a couple of times.
  • The GIRL POWER! No doubt about it, Katniss is the hero, mother, rescuer and savior of the movie. I think it's a wonderful message to young women that we can be strong, we can be the heros. There were so many examples of Jennifer Lawrence displaying strong characterization. How she behaved with her sister and with Rue. She was very brave throughout the entire movie when you know she must've been terrified inside. When she found Peeta at the river she hugged him to her chest in this really motherly gesture. Katniss's reaction to thinking the cannon blast meant Peeta's death was spot on and very touching. I thought it was wonderful to see such a young actress pulling off Katniss so exactly, down to her snarky-ness.

What I didn't like:
  • The muttations at the end were completely changed. You didn't know they were dead tributes. They just looked like giant bull mastiffs. I didn't like the change because that scene in the book when Katniss realizes that the wolves are dead tributes seriously terrified me. I thought it could've made a big impact on screen but they chose not to.
  •  I'll be honest, Jennifer Lawrence is not at all how I pictured Katniss. I'm talking about physical appearance only. Katniss is described as being olive-skinned with dark hair and grey eyes. I pictured someone more exotic-looking than Jennifer. But honestly she did such an awesome job that it's a minor gripe at this point.
  • Haymitch was not the completely helpless slobbering drunk in the movie that he was in the book. I felt like they could've shown that better but they didn't.
  • The camera work became a complete headache after a time. I understand that for some intense scenes with lots of moving, having a moving camera as well is a must. But they did the jerky camera stuff for like 80% of the movie, no joke. It gets a little rough on the eyes.
  • They didn't make as big a deal out of food & water in the movie as it was in the books. Katniss practically succumbs to dehydration in the beginning of the games, but in the movie it was just like she walked for 5 minutes and oh hey, there's some water. They showed the tributes eating like twice. Food was a major factor in Katniss's stamina in the books. They completely downplayed it in the movie.
  • Peeta's leg wound was much much worse in the book. He was literally about to die. And Katniss only brings back topical medicine rather than a shot like she did in the books. I just never got the sense that it was really serious as I did reading the book.

Overall though, I enjoyed the movie very much. My gripes are minor compared to how I felt about the movie. It was a very faithful adaptation and I loved it. Especially Peeta! He was the best part.  :D

So have you seen The Hunger Games? What did you think?

Thanks for reading my book! Hehe!


  1. I enjoyed the movie, but not as much as the books. It's very hard to get everything right in a movie, given the detail that goes into the book it's based on.
    Your makeup looks incredible! I really love those shades of orange with your baby blues.

  2. I never read the books, but I did enjoy the movie. :]
    you did a great job with your eyeshadow!

  3. My biggest problem with the movie was that they didn't have the scene where she freaks out as they hustle Peeta away for emergency medical attention. That was a really powerful scene in the book for me and showed very well the effect that the game had on her.

    I liked how Haymitch was portrayed. I agree with everyone that said Woody Harrelson stole the scenes he was in. I'm ok with him being a surly old bastard rather than a slobbering drunk. It's more fun to watch!

    1. Gah I totally forgot about that! You are so right, I too wanted to see Katniss screaming her lungs out as they carry Peeta away from her and having to be restrained, etc. They totally should've left that in.

  4. 4 things bothered me about the movie: the mutts being different, no mayors daughter (IMPORTANT BACKGROUND STORY!!), dress was supposed to kind of burn off to look like coal, the cave scene they were supposed to smooch for food and them smooch some more once they realized oh hey gets teh food and medicines for playing it up.
    But in the end I liked it. Even if those parts angered me hahahah

    1. oooooooh and to drug him. That's what the smooching also brought I think. Tharrr was no druggin'


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