Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gettin' Nekkid with Sleek's Au Naturel Palette

Continuing my 'nude' palette series, today's post is on the Sleek Au Naturel palette from the Nude collection that came out a while back.

I just realized I've never mentioned Sleek on my blog! I don't even have a tag for them until today. I am absolutely OBSESSED with Sleek makeup! It's the one makeup line that I regularly moan and groan about because it's not available in the states. Thanks to some lucky ebay shopping and a very kind international blogger who swapped with me, I now have a handful of Sleek eyeshadow palettes and one blush! I am crazy about the Sleek eyeshadow formulation. Although they are very soft (and prone to breaking during shipping across the pond) they are very pigmented and apply well. I especially love their mattes! No one does mattes like Sleek, except Inglot perhaps!

This Au Naturel palette is very different from all my other 'nude' palettes. While the other palettes tend to focus on wearable browns, the Au Naturel palette delves into unusual colors like light coppery peach, olive, burgundy, camel and light matte taupe.

Let's check out the swatches!
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Sleek gives us a variety of textures to play with here, from mattes to satins to shimmers. I just love the variety here. Like the NYX Butt Naked Eyes palette, they've also been quite nice and given us a couple matte highlight shades! I seem to always look at palettes and go 'eh, it's nice, but why is there no matte highlight??' They also include their standard highly pigmented matte black, which is infinitely useful. You can use it to darken up your outer V or as a liner.

I think this palette would be great for someone with green or brown eyes. The mixture of colors seems like it would play well with those eye colors. This palette is fantastic, and if you can get your hands on it I completely recommend it! This might just be my favorite of all the 'nude' palettes I have.

Stay tuned, more nudity on the way! Hee hee.


  1. Yay for Sleek! This palette looks great! Love the colors on the bottom row. I agree this palette would be great for green or brown eyes! Thanks for the swatches!

  2. Love this palette <3 The shades are fabulous & love the swatches!!!!

  3. I don't know why but I always thought you were British.

    That palette is lovely. And super tempting, though I must resist as I don't even use the Sleek palettes I already have. :-(

    1. Really???! That's so awesome! I consider it a complement! Hehehehe! Nope, I live in Oklahoma and if you ever hear me talk, I probably sound southern. XD I need to make a youtube video sometime! *scared of the prospect*

  4. I love the look of this palette! But I have both Naked palettes, so I may have to resist.

  5. I only have the Curious palette from Sleek, but I absolutely adore it. It doesn't have any mattes though, so clearly I need to get my hands on some other palettes ;]

  6. Just managed to find this palette, I love it! And I totally agree about palettes not having matte highlights, Sleek are really great about having a nice mix of textures.

  7. Oooh, I like how this palette has both nude and smokey colours in it!

  8. i always love sleeks textures, and sometimes the shimmery ones are sort of creamy like!
    i don't have this palette myself, but a whole lot of sleek palettes as well!
    hope you're enjoying yours!/Azure

  9. Au Naturel is one of my favorite palettes from Sleek , i agree the mattes from Sleek are amazing ! I don't own any Inglot so i can't make the comparison , but i do have blendingtroubles with a lot of mattes from different brands , sleek has awesome mattes !


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