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Gettin' Nekkid with NYX's Butt Naked Eyes Palette

SO: I've been working on something for quite a while. I've taken a million pictures for this. I've realized how dull and time consuming editing pictures are before, but it's never more dull and time consuming than when there's over 300 pictures in your folder! Then I finally finished the first set, uploaded them, and typed my title up there...and felt like the whole thing was a dumb idea! Does that ever happen to you? You get all gung ho over something but then it feels stupid at the last minute.

I suppose I'll do it anyway. I took all these pictures, I might as well post them. My idea was to do swatches and pictures of all the palettes I have that include or allude to 'nakedness' in their titles. I have more of these than I thought I would! Five, to be exact. Then when I've done an individual post on each 'nude' palette, I'll do a round up and post some comparisons of the similar colors.

Image from NYX Cosmetics

Speaking of silly ideas...did NYX really have to include the word butt in the name of their latest palette??? Urban Decay made it seem so chic when they did it, and many other brands are capitalizing on this. But..BUTT?? Really?

Well, the point is not the name but the colors. Let's take a look.


There are two layers to this palette. The top half has 15 eyeshadows and the bottom half has 4 blushes and 3 face powders. As you can see this is very much a cool toned palette when it comes to the eyeshadow colors. Lots of grey and greyed taupe going on. This palette is a taupe lover's dream come true. There is a nice mix of different finishes in this palette, some mattes, satins and shimmers. I truly think NYX did well on choosing what finishes and how many of them to include. Something that's always bothered me about Urban Decay palettes is that they seem to be 98% shimmer!

Here are the swatches:

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The pigmentation and texture of the eyeshadows are, unfortunately, inconsistent. I've come to expect that from NYX palettes. Some are very pigmented and apply nicely, others are a little chalkier and lighter on pigmentation and require some building up. Overall the eyeshadows are nice. It would be hard to overdo them, which is probably what they were going for since this is a 'naked' palette. I particularly love that they've given us multiple choices for our highlight shades in this palette. I always feel that the highlights in palettes are lacking and that's where I end up supplementing other eyeshadows. You can truly do your entire eye look with this one palette.

This is the only 'nude' palette I have that includes face products, and ironically that's my favorite part of the palette! The first blush on the left is a rather chunky peachy pink with a lot of gold glitter in it than makes me think of NARS Super Orgasm, which is probably what they were going for. There's an Orgasm in every single cosmetics brand, have you noticed that? The second blush is a very frosty light pink and I honestly don't know that I'd use it for anything but a cheek highlighter. The next two blushes are a lovely pink and ruddy peach, both are satin finishes.

The bronzer and highlighters are the true standouts of this palette for me. The color of the bronzer is perfect, not too orange. It's lightly pigmented which is good for someone as fair skinned as me because it makes it hard to overdo your bronzer. The highlighters are pearly and shimmery and give a perfect candlelit glow. The first is a white gold color and the second is golden peach. They are too pretty for words, you really have to see them in person.

I think this would be a fantastic palette to travel with because it's fairly compact and you have so many options for your eyes and face in one kit. You could seriously cut down on the products you'd need to bring with you, just bring the Butt Naked Eyes palette, foundation, brushes, mascara and lip stuff and you're set!

I'm really quite enamored with this palette. I waffled on getting it for a long time but I'm glad I did. I just wish the name wasn't quite so silly! :P

Do you have this palette? How many 'naked' type palettes do you have? What do you think of my 'Gettin' Nekkid' palette series idea, is it dumb? Should I name it something else? Hehe!

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!


  1. Love this idea! And mildly annoyed with you for showing me how nice that palette is...;-)

    I thought the Butt Naked was a bit classless when I first heard it too. Come on NYX, really?

  2. well, NYX never seem to do anything wrong when it comes to make up!
    such a handy palette, one could use it for everything! and great swatches!
    I hope to get to see a look made out from these palettes! yaaay!//Azure

  3. Nice ! I really like the blushes of the palette ! And never can go wrong with NYX neutrals . They are always good :) I think i want this palette in my collection , LOL

  4. I really like the looks of this palette! Even if the shadows are inconsistent, the blushes/powders look awesome! I think the whole "butt" thing is a bit over doing it. Can't we get a bit more creative than that?

  5. Gorgeous shades!! Love the swatches <3 Thanks for sharing!!!!

  6. Looks like a great palette, I am guessing that it is not as horribly expensive as the UD ones. I like how they included face powders in it. I agree, the "butt" was totally not necessary in the name!!!

    1. it's about $20 depending on where you buy. :)


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