Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Lipstick Collection: CoverGirl Lip Perfection

Ta da! Out of my entire lipstick collection, this line is by far my favorite in terms of everything: formula, color selection, packaging and price. CoverGirl's newish Lip Perfection line is truly perfection. They have it all. My swatches, let me show you them!

Click the image to make it bigger!

  • Delight: This color is actually the sheerest of the bunch, but one of my favorites. It's that perfect corally pink color to wear everyday.
  • Fairytale: This is a little more neon in real life than it came out in the picture. An almost neon coral! Totally electric. See, the color selection in this line is truly varied.
  • Heavenly: A neutral pink color, very MLBB. I probably have about five lipstick this color, but what can I say. It's perfect!
  • Girly Pink: This one is actually a CoverGirl Queen collection lipstick, but the packaging is exactly the same, just a different color. The formula is identical as well, so I've included it here. I LOVE this color. It's mauvey pink with lots of gold shimmer. It's like Rimmel's Airy Fairy on crack. A definite favorite of the bunch.
  • Divine: This lipstick is PURPLE. I mean, I've had some lipsticks that lean purple, that are purplish, but this is purple for real. It's gorgeous, and another favorite.
  • Spellbound: An electric deep fuchsia pink. Gorgeous, and sure to turn heads.
  • Eternal: I thought this was red from the bottom of the tube swatch (which tend to be very accurate), but I got it home and it's actually more magenta. It's a very dazzling eye catching color.

That's all the colors I have, but I keep a mental list of the others I want eventually!

Let's talk about formula. The first thing I noticed about these lipsticks was how opaque and full coverage they are (with the exception of Delight). You do not have to slick these on, applying with a finger or doe-foot wand is a great way to apply them because a little goes a long way. The second thing I noticed is how incredibly long lasting they are. I can apply before work and it's still going strong by lunchtime. Most of the colors also stain your lips, which I find to be a plus. They also wear off evenly and beautifully. You're not left with patchy stained lips.

You'd think a lipstick as long wearing and opaque as these are would be very hard on your lips, wouldn't you? But strangely these aren't. I've worn some lipsticks in the past that by the end of the day, my lips were feeling it, and not in a good way. They were dried out and hurting for moisture. Lip Perfections do not have that affect. They leave your lips in the same condition in which they found them. Now don't get me wrong, you can't forgo lipbalm in favor of these. I still have to put on some lipbalm before applying/reapplying. But these aren't drying at all, which I think is fantastic.

So there you have it, my holy grail lipstick line. Do you have any Lip Perfections? What do you think of them?

Thanks for reading, and sorry this took so bloody long! LOL.


  1. I just got my first Lip Perfection a few weeks ago. And surprisingly, I do really like it! I have Romance which is a perfect neutral for me. It really matches my natural lip color. I don't find they moisturize real well. After a few hours, yep, left with more of a stain. I find if I put a balm on, it seems to bring the color back to life! Thanks for your swatches!

  2. I may have to try one of these. Heaps of people have recommended them but I haven't bought any Covergirl makeup in ages!

  3. Still want Divine ;___; I knew CG would be stupid and not make it available in Australia (or at least near me) and that turned out to be true.

  4. The colours you have are lovely! I have a couple of these and I personally don't care for the formulation. I seem to be the only one who doesn't like them!


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