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SinfulColors 2011 Holday Wish Collection - Review & Swatches

Hey all! I recently got the opportunity to review SinfulColors new collection, and I have swatches for you today.

Promotional Info:

Bells are jingling, snow is glistening and merry tunes abound: It's the season of shimmer (aka: the holidays) and glamour, of course. And your nails deserve a little gift and loving too. Welcome the SinfulColors holiday 2011 collection, Wish, which delights and excites. The collection takes classic colors - like red, green, silver and blue - and kicks them up a notch to be fashion-forward and festive to ring in 2012.

The complete SinfulColors Wish collection for holiday 2011 includes:

Five gem-inspired shades of polish:

SUGAR SUGAR: a candy cane, red-hot tint

MIDNIGHT BLUE: a bold, bright twist on navy

LAST CHANCE: an emerald with depth and allure

DADDY'S GIRL: a deep purple with a drizzle of shimmer and glitter

OUT OF THIS WORLD: a perfect silver with swirls of glimmer

Two metallic shades of nail art:

FLOWER GIRL: a bronzy gold with tons of sparkle

FASHIONISTA: a glitter-laden pewter


Since I began collecting nail polish a few years ago, I always thought of SinfulColors as a poor girl's OPI. At such a reasonable price, and with so many fun colors, who can resist them? I sure couldn't. I usually picked up a few every time I went to Walgreens. My collection of SinfulColors is now pretty extensive.

I guess my biggest problem; and I know a few other nail polish fanatics have struggled with this too; is that SinfulColors a while back was releasing 'new' polishes in collections that were actually renamed core collection polishes. I know a few people, myself included, bought several they thought were 'new,' only to bring them home and realize they already had that color, just with a different name.

Well, they appear to have rectified that with the Wish collection in that they at least left the names of the polishes alone. But all these polishes, perhaps with the exception of the Nail Art, can be found in the core collection. If I could tell the SinfulColors company one thing, it would be that I love your polishes, tons of people do, but coming up with new colors is really important to keep people buying. The 'limited edition' factor is a major drive to get people to 'hunt' for your collections and snatch them up. Anyone who searched high and low for the Wet 'n Wild Ice Baby collection knows what I'm talking about.

Anyway, now that I've said my piece about that, let's get down to swatches!

Out Of This World. This silver was a bit sheer and applied quite patchy. I unfortunately find the SinfulColors formula to be problematic to work with. They're all very 'Big 3 Free' in that they're gloopy, thick, and runny. I'll be painting along, thinking I have the perfect amount of polish on my brush, and suddenly my nail is flooded. Still it is a lovely holiday color. There's just a hint of pink shimmer in there that I really like.

Midnight Blue. This one freaked my camera out. It's much more of a dark blue and less purple than it appears here. Not particularly an original color, but it is beautiful. The formula was very problematic on this one and looks worse in the pictures than it did in real life. Later I used this one to do a full manicure, and it behaved much better after adding thinner. I wish I didn't have to do that to brand new polishes, though.

Sugar Sugar. This was a surprise favorite of the bunch! I thought the finish would be shimmery like Midnight Blue, but it has this lovely glass fleck quality. Very fine pink shimmer throughout. It also had the best formula of the bunch. Much easier to work with. What a beautiful red!

Daddy's Girl. What nail junkie doesn't know of Daddy's Girl? This one is quite a cult favorite, and it's easy to see why. It's a beautiful purple jelly with fine pink sparkles throughout. The visible nail line is much more apparent in photos than it is in real life. I love this one.

Last Chance. Thank heavens this was a cream rather than a shimmer. The formula on this one was the worst of the bunch. So gloopy and thick. It's a shame because it's a gorgeous color. It's much darker and murkier than it appears in my picture. I have a thing for greens and this one is fabulous.

So those are the regular polishes. Let's move on to the two Nail Arts that were included in this collection. I'm terrible at freehand, but I gave it the good ole college try for this review. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use the Nail Art. It's definitely something I'll have to practice at and use more. I'll show you my 'best' nails of what I did to showcase these two.

Bottle shown is Fashionista Nail Art.

Bottle shown is Flower Girl Nail Art.

This looked much better in person than it did in pictures, sadly. I guess I was going for rain/lightning/flames/etc. I created this by layering the gold on top of the silver and basically just zig-zagging the brush down from the top of my nail. In hindsight I should've layered the silver on top of the gold rather than the other way around, because the gold was much more opaque. Fashionista is basically just silver glitter in a clear base. I also did glitter tips with Fashionista but did not get a picture. That turned out great as well. I really like the Nail Art.

So I hope you enjoyed the swatches and review. Do you have any SinfulColors? What's your favorite shades?

~*Products in this post were provided for consideration. The opinions presented are my own, and are not affected by receiving the products to review.*~


  1. Oooh, love the nail art! I have a few colours from this brand and I quite like them!

  2. Omg Midnight Blue, Sugar Sugar and Daddy's Girl <3 *___*


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