Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Lipstick Collection: Randoms and Leftovers

I know, I know, I suck! I've been busy, mostly because of Skyrim.

I feel kind of pathetic for letting a video game completely take over my life. Well, not completely. Only every spare moment. Haha! Even Warcraft has gotten shoved to the background in favor of this game. And I just committed to a year sub! *sigh* Me and video games. I'm so fickle!

In other news, I went to my first ever concert! It was an early Christmas present from my awesome husband. I went to this concert! Awolnation, Cage the Elephant and Rise Against. I mostly went to see Awolnation, although I did really enjoy the other bands. I didn't know they weren't the headliner. >.> Concerts, how do they work? But man it was an awesome time. I can't wait to go to another concert. Awolnation is so freaking awesome. They're my favorite band now. Well, next to Foster the People. I'd love to see FtP in concert next.

Listen to me, gabbing on. You want to see makeup! Okay, I've lied like 5 times now. I have THIS post, and then the next one will be the LAST ONE of my lipstick collection. FOR REALS. I promise. Click the images to make them bigger, yadda yadda.

  • Rimmel Airy Fairy: Okay, if my house ever burned down and I lost all my makeup *gulp* Rimmel's Airy Fairy would be the first lipstick I'd repurchase. I have a ton of lipsticks, as you've probably noticed, and this is the lipstick with the most considerable wear on the bullet. I've worn and worn and worn this. It's just such a pretty and sophisticated color. It looks great with anything and everything. My absolute favorite lipstick, ever. Period.
  • HiP Moxie: Sorry ladies, pretty sure this is discontinued. But I found it at the Dollar Tree very recently. It's actually very similar to Rimmel Airy Fairy but more shimmery. So pretty.
  • NYX Thalia: This seems to be a favorite shade in the NYX round collection. Very sophisticated MLBB mauvey pink. Really like this one but the smell sucks, and it's a bit waxy going on.
  • CQ Tickled Pink & Mod: I can't find CQ anywhere now. It got discontinued from my Walmart, and I managed to nab these two shades in the clearance sale. It's a shame because they're great. Really creamy glossy balm-like formula and beautiful color. Mod is awesome. Jerry won it in my giveaway and she seemed to like it a bunch too.

  • Sally Hansen Deco - Another Dollar Tree find and probably discontinued. This is a gorgeous peachy pink but the tube it comes in is so bizarrely shaped! It's gold, and triangular, but fatter in the middle than the ends. It looks so out of place in my box of little cylinders. The lipstick bullet itself is also triangular and odd. But I do love this lipstick, mainly just for the color.
  • Sally Hansen Sheer Passionate Pink - This almost wasn't worth including. It at least has normally shaped packaging. It's very sheer. Another discontinued Dollar Tree find. Bleeeh. Sally Hansen can't seem to latch onto a lipstick collection, can they?
  • Essence Creamy Nude - This color may actually not be for me. A little too brown? But Essence lipsticks are really cheap at Ulta. It has a nice formula. I'd like to try some more.
  • NYC Blue Rose - Maybe one of the most unique lipsticks you can get at the drugstore. Hot fuchsia with a strong blue flash. The formula seems pretty long wearing too. I love this one!

Okay, one more lipstick post. My absolute favorite lipstick formula/packaging/colors EVAR. You'll never guess!

Thanks for reading, see ya soon!


  1. I've really enjoyed all your lipstick posts of late. Can't wait for the next (best?) one! Everyone I know has been captivated by Skyrim, so you're not alone. ;)

  2. Wahhhh CQ Y U NO EASIER TO FIND?! D;

    Also OMG RISE AGAINST <3333

  3. Your first ever concert?! Sounds like it was some good bands though! Some great colors. I see why you like Airy Fairy!

  4. Finally I have got your blog to show up on my dashboard again!!! ARGH, blogger! Anyway, since GFC is being discontinued or something, I'll be moving everyone to bloglovin'.

  5. Yay, I love a good swatch fest! NYC Blue Rose is SUCH an amazing colour, I need to see if I can find it, I know I have it somewhere!


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