Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Lipstick Collection: Wet n Wild lipsticks

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WnW matte lipsticks are so nice! You'll find positive reviews of them all over the internet. I keep meaning to collect all the colors eventually but so far I only have Think Pink, Bare It All, and Rose Bud. They go on really smooth and they are super pigmented. They're nice for layering, like the Revlon Mattes. The thing I find nice about this formula is it doesn't seem to accentuate every little imperfection on your lips. It looks even better with a gloss on top. :)

The last lipstick in the swatch is 502A and it may be called Dark Pink Frost, according to the internets. It's in the old style packaging, and I guess these are still being sold? I'm not sure if these were scrapped when WnW went through their major redesign a while back. (God, was that more than a year ago? Sheesh.) But I don't think they were, I still see these being sold everywhere. Anyway, I bought this lipstick when I first got into makeup a few years ago, and it's still one of the most loved in my collection. It's that wonderful combo of pink with gold shimmer. Ahh, gold shimmer. I love it in my lipsticks.


  1. I'm so completely amazed at your lipstick collection. How many do you have?! I've given you a blog award for your awesomness. :)

  2. Dark Pink Frost is my favourite of the bunch. I won a couple of Wet n Wild lipsticks from a giveaway a while back, I must bust them out! :)


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