Monday, November 21, 2011

My Lipstick Collection: Miscellaneous Revlons

Trucking along here! Some miscellaneous Revlon lipsticks for you to look at tonight. One set is discontinued. :( Sowwy.
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  • Revlon Matte lipsticks in Smoked Peach & Pink Pout - I love Revlon's matte formula. The formula is dry by nature, but they don't seem to be drying. Your lips do need to be in top condition to sport these alone, but I must say I hardly wear them alone. I love layering these with lipglosses on tip. They provide an intense color base underneath. They're fantastic!
  • Revlon ColorStay lipstick in Luxe Lavender - I grabbed this lipstick at a drugstore that was going out of business. It is frosty and rather drying, which is why I don't like it much. But the color definitely does stick around.
  • Revlon Beyond Natural Liptint in Pink Rose - I think these may be discontinued as well. :( Which sucks because they were nice. They kind of seemed like the forerunner to Revlon Lip Butters. Lots of pigment packed into a smooth moisturizing formula. The colors in this range were much safer and everyday friendly, however. Really nice. I think these are still popping up at Big Lots and dollar stores, so grab them if you see them.

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I haven't heard anything about these Renewist lipsticks. Maybe they were before my blogging time? I got a little stash of these at my local Big Lots and haven't seen them since.

It's a shame because the colors are beautiful and the formula is really lush and smooth. They feel great on. I love how glossy they look. Why does everything that's good seem to get discontinued, meanwhile Great Lash is still going strong? These are the makeup matters I ponder.

Hope that was somewhat interesting, and thanks for looking! G'night!


  1. YESSSS I love Pink Pout and Smoked Peach! Berry Fulfilling also looks lovely.

    Ahhhh Great Lash, the mascara spawn of Satan >__<


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