Sunday, October 2, 2011

Swatches & Mini Review of Cherry Culture Haul part 1

I've got a lot to cover, so I'm just going to jump right in.

Let's start off with those LA Colors jumbo eye pencils. I was extremely excited about this product. They're so cheap, they have many colors, and they look comparable to the NYX jumbo pencils!
From left to right: Bikini Time, Waves, Vacation, Limeade, Popsicle.

They swatch beautifully! Bikini Time is a lovely shimmery blurple, a bit duochromey. Waves is a deep blue shimmer. Vacation is a gorgeous burgundy wine with gold glitter sprinkled throughout, my swatch really doesn't do it justice. Limeade is matte bright green, and Popsicle is matte bright orange!

I love them already! The texture is very comparable to the NYX jumbo pencils. I haven't tried them on the eye yet, but I think they should work great as color bases. I will update with a FOTD using one of these and let you guys know how they work out.

There's just one problem...I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to get to the remainder of the product. The website shows a sharpener next to the pencil, like you're supposed to sharpen them. But you can't! They're solid plastic. There's no wood. I tried sharpening them anyway, and just shaved off curly bits of plastic. So I thought maybe the end twists up? No, it doesn't. :-/ I can't believe it! LA Colors made a pencil with no way of utilizing the product past the tip!!! I sent them an email about this, but I haven't gotten a response yet. Will update when I do.

I was not to be deterred, so I followed LadycrowX's tutorial on how to depot NYX Jumbo Pencils. It worked like a charm! The pencils fit perfectly into a five gram jar. I had five of them, so I used my cosmetic jar stack from Abbamart. (I knew I'd find a use for that thing!) Now I have a colorful stack of jumbo pencils.
Bikini Time depotted. Looks even prettier in the jar, doesn't it?

So while I'm seriously upset that they'd create a product that couldn't be sharpened/utilized, I found a way to utilize them, dammit. I honestly prefer them in jar anyway. They'll be easier to spread on my eye. If I like how they perform on the eye, I'll get more colors and depot them as well.

On to liquid liners!
From top to bottom, Jordana liquid eyeliner in Always Blue, LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner in Black, LA Colors Pearl Metallic Eyeliner in Black Pearl. These all have very nice fine points on them.

They swatch quite well too. Look how black the middle one is! I used the Jordana one on my eye yesterday and it looked beautiful. I'm really interested in getting more colors of those. All three of these were $2.

On to the LA Colors Glitter Eyeliners. I had very high hopes for these as well.
That brush tip is so fine.

From top to bottom: LA Colors Glitter eyeliner in 3D, Night Dust & Electric Pink.

Honestly I think the brush tip is too fine. The glitter itself is very fine as well, so I had to make about 20 passes to get the swatches you see here. Ladies who don't want their glitter to be very obvious might like these. But I'm not sure I do. I used Electric Pink on my eye yesterday and I kept feeling that if the brush were only bigger I could get more product on my eye. As to the colors, 3D is a mix of silver and black glitter, and looks pretty cool. I could see this being a nice way to add sparkle to simple black liner. Night Dust, which I thought was black with holo glitter, actually looks like watery soot when swatched. :-/ Not so happy with that one. I'm not really sure how I'd use it, and if I did, would it even show up??? I think Electric Pink is the best of the bunch. I'm not sure if I'd recommend these.

Stay tuned for part 2. This is just getting way too long!


  1. Wtf that is SO DUMB that they'd make the pencils unusable like that. But that being said, I friggin love the look of Limeade and Popsicle.

  2. Hello! After reading your review I asked LA Colors about the pencils. They said they may be sharpened by their duo sharpener.

  3. I just found your post - love the amount of info you give!

    One thing to note, though - the pencils are plastic, yes, but just like the semi-plastic casings on the NYX pencils, they can be sharpened just fine with a good sharpener. That said, I personally prefer them depotted, so you found a great solution!


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