Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Lipstick Collection: Maybelline Color Sensational

Awhile back I tweeted that I love lipsticks now! I used to not wear lipsticks that much, unless it was a MLBB color, because I had so many problems with them. I got feathering and bleeding and just general messiness with lipsticks. Sometimes it's really all in the application, isn't it? I recently watched Blix's video showing how she applies lipstick with disposable lip gloss wands. I tried it and love the technique. It allows me to use much less product and get a much neater, cleaner application. I think I was just using way too much product previously, because I was just slicking it on straight from the tube. I also never blotted, and I think blotting is important too. Another great video that really opened my eyes to the wonders of lipstick is Lisa Eldridge's One Lipstick - 5 Ways video. I love the various techniques and tips she gives in that video. So please check both of them out if you struggle with lipstick like I did.

Let's move onto the first big section of my lipstick collection. I'll be showing you all my Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks. This particular lipstick is my second favorite lipstick of all. You'll have to stay tuned to find out the first!

First I'll show you my pinks & reds.
Click the image to make it bigger!

  • Born With It - A standard light pink. Very easy to put on and wear. I can apply this without a mirror and I don't have to worry about it.
  • Plaza Pink - My holy grail pink. It's just very chic.
  • Pink of Me - An almost plummy pink.
  • Make Me Pink - Somewhere between Born With It and Plaza Pink in depth, but a nice cool pink. Love this one.
  • Red Revival - The classic pin up red.
  • Warm Me Up - Similar to Plaza Pink only warmer. Also very easy to wear, an effortless color.

Now my favorites, the plums, purples and brights.
Click the image to make it bigger!

  • Rockin Fuchsia - OMG I love this color! It's the most amazing in your face fuchsia pink. If you look closely you can see the blue sparkles in it.
  • Amethyst Ablaze - A decadent purple with pink sparkles. Beautiful for fall!
  • Madison Mauve - A plummy purple with tons of blue and green shimmer. Really beautiful, must see it in person to appreciate.
  • Yummy Plummy - A standard berry lipstick that's not too over the top. Would look great on anyone.
  • Mauve-ulous - A rich deep plum. It's almost got a bit of 'brick' to the color. You saw me wearing this in this post.

I should probably say something about the formula and wear of these! I find these to be slightly lower than my standard of wear time. I can apply in the morning before work and I usually have to touch up at halfway to lunch, then of course I have to reapply after lunch. The colors are beautiful though, and they have a great range. Everyone can find something they like. As far as how they feel, they are a very creamy feeling lipstick when you initially apply them, but I don't feel like these are as good to my lips as I'd like them to be. My lips generally feel parched after a day of wearing them. Your lips really need to be in good condition to wear these to begin with, and they won't do your lips any favors, unfortunately. But overall, this is my second favorite lipstick.

So there you have it! Do you have any Maybelline Color Sensationals? What are your favorite colors?

Please stay tuned, I've got at least 6 more lipsticks groups to cover, which I'll be doing regularly over the next week or so.


  1. I love these lipsticks - they're so easy to wear. I have Born With It, which is my favourite of those and one of my favourite lipsticks generally. It's a perfect neutral pink. I also have (goes to the fridge to look) Pink Me Up, Nearly There, Warm Me Up and Luminous Lilac. I'm tempted to buy more but I already have a ridiculous number of lipsticks.

  2. Dee: I'm so glad you like these! They're so cheap, and it's so easy to just pick one up every time you go to the drugstore! I swear they leap into my basket. Haha!

  3. I saw Blix's video. I really need to get some of the disposable wands and try it! I don't have any of the Maybelline lipsticks. But it looks like you have a ton of pretty colors!

  4. Madison Mauve might be my all-time favourite lipstick ever!


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