Saturday, September 17, 2011

MakeupBee Looks

Are you on MakeupBee? If you're not, I think you'd like it! It's basically like Makeupalley and Facebook rolled together in a big makeup related site! You can post looks, check out other looks, leave compliments, 'like' them, review products, etc etc. I've found so many girls that do awesome makeup because of this site! Many of them have blogs, but not all of them do. I love that the site is so picture oriented, I like browsing for inspiration and I always find it! I have a profile, check me out here.

Anyway, for the past month or so I've been posting some looks on MakeupBee that I haven't posted on my blog, usually due to time issues. I can upload a picture there really quick, but on my blog it's more time consuming to actually write a post. I thought I'd share them with you all today.

Inspired by the Dior stick on liners
This was a lot of fun and looked really cool, but once I completed one eye I was convinced I couldn't do it the same on the other eye, so I just did one eye! And washed it off like immediately. *shrug* I used MAC Vanilla pigment, MAC Naked pigment, Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow, WnW Mega Eyes Cream liner, Physicians Formula Eye Booster liner, and Maybelline One by One mascara.

Smokey Gold
Products used: NYX HD Eyeshadow Base, Sugarpill Bulletproof, Bobbi Brown Bone eyeshadow, Hard Candy Lunar Eclipse eyeshadow, Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow, WnW Mega Eyes Cream liner, Sephora Colorful Palette in Wild Safari (bronzey color underneath black on lower lashline), Essence Black Mania mascara, Ardell Accents half lashes.

Parrot Wing
Products used: Inglot 370, 477, 384, 331, WnW Mega Eyes Cream liner, Essence Black Mania mascara.

I hope you like them, and I hope to see you on MakeupBee! If you make a profile, leave me a link so I can follow you!


  1. The parrot wing is my favorite! You're so creative! :)

    Ugh, sorry I haven't been commenting on your posts, they haven't been showing up on my dashboard :( A lot of people's blogs haven't either. So annoying!

  2. I looooove the Dior liner one :D I discovered MakeupBee recently and found it useful for finding inspo, but I'm not sure I have the stones to post on there! I like my quiet little corner of the internet XD

  3. they all look beautiful but my favourite is the parrott's wing one! gorg:)
    xo Elly @

  4. Liner idea is neat.
    I would die in frustration trying to get something like that right =)


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