Monday, August 15, 2011

FOTD: imitation of Silhouette Screams

I feel kinda bad about this one, because I based it off a look by a blogger that I adore so much (the lovely and talented Silhouette Screams), but it looked like ass in person. I'm surprised it photographed so well, though I did have to edit it quite a bit. I'm placing the blame on Sugarpill's Poison Plum. I think I got one from the 'bad' batch because, omg, that shadow was the biggest pain in the ass to work with. It seemed kinda pigmented when I packed it on my brush, but I kept having to put copious amounts on my eyes to get it to show up, and then it wouldn't blend for shit and it looked like a splotchy blotchy mess. Ugh. I'm not ratting on Sugarpill, you guys know I love Sugarpill, but it was bad. Like, bad bad.

Anyway, I do have to agree with Silhouette, that white from the Maybelline Sapphire Siren quad is the bomb. It almost saved this look. Almost.

Oh, and then I got the bright idea to use Poison Plum on my cheeks as well. Yeah! Take the blotchy patchy mess from your eyes and use it on your face as well, that's a fantastic idea, Femputer! So that didn't turn out so well. *sigh*

Nonetheless, here's my fail-mitation.

Products used:
Sugarpill Poison Plum - crease & lower lashline
Maybelline Sapphire Siren quad - shimmery white on lid
WnW Mega Eyes creme liner black - upper lashline
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk - as base for lid & on waterline
Essence Black Mania Mascara

Sugarpill Poison Plum - as blush
Hard Candy Plumping Serum Volumizing Lipgloss in Dunes

Anyone ever used NYX Milk on your waterline? Straight from the pencil? Seems impossible, but it can be done! It transfers so easily and it stays! Love it.


  1. SO PRETTY! And *squeals* I love that you used the same colours too :D the shimmer from the Maybelline white is like snowflakes on your eyeballs.

    I've used NYX Milk straight from the pencil, but only when mine was sharp (ahhh, back in the day). I just use a little angled or pointed brush these days :)

  2. Purple looks great. =)
    And I think you are the first one I read a camplain about sugarpill :D

  3. This looks so pretty on you !!

  4. Hey Beautiful , i tagged you for a Blog Award !

  5. what brush do you use for your creme eyeliner? your wing always looks perfect!


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