Saturday, August 13, 2011

anothersoul (etsy seller) palettes

I'm sure from the title you can guess what this is.


Isn't it pretty? It almost looks like a journal or appointment book, doesn't it?


But it's a palette! As you can see it comfortably houses 15 Inglot pans with a bit of room to spare. The Inglot pans fit in there perfectly, the magnet keeps them in place but isn't so strong that it's hard to get them out should you want to.

You can get your own handmade palette at the Etsy shop called anothersoul. They have this and many many other designs, there should be something for everyone. They are $12.99 plus $3.50 shipping to the US, making them cheaper than the large Z-palettes. In my opinion these are much nicer and prettier than a Z-palette!

I got very good service from anothersoul. I received my palette just about a week after I ordered it. It had bent a bit in the middle during shipping, but fortunately that bend has smoothed out over time.

I'm so happy there's another option for freestyle palettes! I'm very happy with my purchase as well, and I've already bought another, as I have too many Inglots without a home right now!

I did make a joint Inglot order with my friend. I guess my want of the product was stronger than my upset at the price increase. You have to admit, $5 for a large shadow pan of good quality is still an exceptional deal. I'll have swatches of my haul up very very soon!


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