Saturday, June 11, 2011

Confession: I bought fake brushes on eBay...

I bought fake MAC & NARS brushes on eBay, to be specific.

And I kind of like them.

(Click to see it bigger!)

Well, there's no 'kind of' about it, I do really like them, and I use them all the time, and I like the way they apply eyeshadow. I know they are fakes and it doesn't bother me in the least. They're good brushes.

This started when I was shopping a favorite seller's store. This seller is located in Hong Kong, and I've ordered from them multiple times, and their service has always been exemplary. I was seeing what else they had available, and a listing for a '224 brush' caught my eye. This listing did not say MAC anywhere. It was advertised as a 224 fluffy blending eye brush. The pictures of the brush did not show a brand name on the product, but they did show the brush in detail. The brush was a whopping $6.99. Out of curiosity, I bought the brush and checked out.


When it arrived, I was not expecting the brush to say MAC on the side, but that's exactly what it said! I stared at it and smiled inwardly, thinking 'Hahaha! I bought fake MAC!' I did not really intend to. I thought it was funny that they were using the number 224 for a brush that looks just like the MAC 224, but since the listing didn't proclaim it to be MAC, I didn't think it would be.

I started using the brush, and was so pleased with it, I set out to purchase me some more fake MAC brushes!

fake 219

fake 217

fake 239

mystery 15

So I ended up acquiring a 219, a 217, a 239, and a mystery '15' brush. You are all probably familiar with the first 3 numbers enough to know what I'm talking about. I had no idea what the '15' was, but it looked like a small smudger brush, which I've been needing, so I bought that as well. These brushes all cost me $6.99 (that's shipping included) except for the 15 which cost $5.50.

There were more suprises in store for me when they arrived. The 219 had no markings whatsoever, but it certainly looks like a MAC 219. The 217 & 239, instead of saying MAC as I expected them to, say 'Emily Makeup Brush' on the side, plus the brush number, like this:

The 15 ended up being a fake NARS 15 brush! I'm not familiar with NARS brushes at all, so I had to google it, but I did find out there's a NARS 15 brush which looks just like the fake I have.

I was actually very happy and excited about all my brushes. The surprise of finding out what name would be stamped on the side was kind of interesting! I know they're fake, but I just can't bring myself to care. They didn't cost me and arm and a leg, and they're perfectly useable. My fake 217 has become a favorite of mine. It's very soft and good for blending. I don't have the real MAC brushes to compare them to, so I honestly don't know how close the dupes are. But they work perfectly for what I wanted them for.

The black bristle brush, the 224, doesn't seem quite as soft as the others. (Strange, since it's the only one that says MAC on the side of it!) It's still serviceable, though, and I do enjoy using it.

I realize the pics make some of them look quite scraggly! All I can say is I've just washed them and I honestly didn't notice the scraggly-ness until I took the pics. The stray hairs haven't really affected their performance.

I realize a post like this will probably be met with some skepticism, maybe even a little scoffing. To purposefully buy fake MAC? Ridiculous! But in truth, I bought something makeup related, was happy with it, and wanted to post about it on my blog. That's all I intend with this post. :)

So...that's my experience with fakes! I know there's tons of internet content out there teaching you how to spot fakes, and preaching the evils of buying MAC on ebay, etc etc. But I think what everybody fails to mention is the quality of the fakes themselves. Do they warrant buying them on their own merits? I think they do! I obviously can't vouch for every seller on ebay, but I can vouch for the 2 that I purchased these brushes from. Here are their links if you'd like to check them out.



  1. The fake 217 sounds great! I've been looking for a good blending brush, but I prefer synthetic brushes. :)

  2. Oh wow! Interesting! Haha.


  3. Interesting post! It's kind of a shame in a way that these are good brushes, because a lot of people probably won't buy them because they're fakes! I dunno... I wouldn't *not* buy fakes, but I'd probably want to see them first. #stoptalkingnow

  4. Really interesting post! I'd consider buying fake brushes, but I'd probably wash them 8000 times first. :) I'm not so keen on buying fake cosmetics though, purely because we don't know what's in them.

  5. Oooooh, looks like you've got a nice new selection. and for a very good price! I've been kinda wary of fakes since I bought GHDs for my sis for Christmas... They were supposed to be real (I paid over £100) but they were obviously fakes and didn't work well at all! :)

    But when it comes to brushes I really don't care what brand name they are as long as they work well! So if I spotted some fake MAC or NARS brushes I'd happily snap them up if they were any good ♥

  6. Silhouette: I wholeheartedly agree, buying fake makeup is a different matter altogether!

    Thanks for the comments ladies! :)

  7. I have a confession too....I bought a 30-piece fake MAC brush set in a brush roll.....and I HATED them! I suppose you often get what you pay for, and I also knew they were fake. I'm glad you liked your brushes!


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