Sunday, June 19, 2011

300 limit???

Oh dear...blogger says I can only follow 300 blogs and I have to unfollow some before I can add any more! I didn't realize there was a limit. But I keep finding cool blogs to follow! :( What would you do, go through your list and take off people who haven't updated in months? I feel bad doing that though. They did have nice blogs, when they used to update. What if they start updating again?

*frets* Stupid Blogger and your limits!


  1. I just unfollow people who haven't updated in ages, but this has backfired because Blogger doesn't like to tell me that some of these people have just moved to their own domains (though I really should check myself but whatevssssss)

    So you should probably do what Cait said and use Bloglovin' instead of taking my suggestion :P

  2. I didn't realize there was a limit! I have gone thru my list before and unfollowed some that haven't posted in months :( But like Cait said, maybe Bloglovin would be a good option!

  3. I agree just unfollow those who haven't posted in months! It's too bad really, I had no idea about this. :(

  4. I'm with the others who say to unfollow those who haven't updated in a long while. That limit really needs to be done away with, though.

  5. When I reached my GFC limit (which is so so so so so STUPID that there's a limit) I switched over to Bloglovin.

  6. whoaaa i had no idea!
    lets just switch to bloglovin then!:)

  7. I had no idea there was a limit! How dumb is that!?

  8. ARGH! I didn't know there was a limit! I guess I need to use Bloglovin'. However, I don't really like Bloglovin' that much, I enjoy using the Dashboard setup more.


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