Friday, May 27, 2011

Quickie: Cover Girl Intense ShadowBlast w/built in primer

In case you've been googling this product & coming up with nada like I was yesterday:

At 6:30 this morning I put on CG's Intense ShadowBlast with built in primer in the color Brown Bling. I used no primer whatsoever. I then topped it with powder eyeshadows. It's now 4:30 (10 hours later) and I only have the teeniest bit of creasing in the inner corners. (My eyes crease like a mofo without primer, fyi.)

*cheers* Hurrah! Thank you, Cover Girl. You improved upon those crappy double ended shadow sticks (which creased instantly). Bravo.

But...and this is a just a wee but. The color line of this amazing product is a big fat yawn. All pastels?! Brown Bling is the only color with some oomph. How about some more vivid colors? A charcoal gray? A rich wine? A bright peacock teal? If you're reading this, CG, you've got a winner here, why not try to expand on it?


  1. I guess I'm not familiar with this product. Good to know it actually doesn't crease!

  2. I had no ideas about these, sound interesting!

  3. Peach & Vintage: These are brand spanking new, I just saw displays at my drugstore a couple of days ago.

  4. I hope these come out in Australia, I want to stare!

  5. I got this today and if you try to wear it as a shadow, which it says it doubles as, it is horrible! you put it on, and when you blend it, it just grossly leaves your eye and goes straight to your finger. but i have to say i haven't tried it as a primer. and i agree, the colors are totally drab!


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