Saturday, May 14, 2011

NOTD: Milani Blue Flash one coat glitter

Man, what has been going on with blogger lately? Every time I log in to read blogs, posts that I know I read days ago are popping up as having been just uploaded like a few minutes ago! Did Blogger go crazy and delete a bunch of stuff or something? I must've missed it.

Anyway, I'm apologizing in advance for my ragged cuticles! Yes, I know they're awful! :(


If you're a polish collector, you need the Milani one coat glitters in your life. They are amazing! So much depth to the colors. My picture doesn't really do Blue Flash justice. It looks like a sparkly ocean on my nails. I love it!

You're probably wondering, Is it really one coat? Well, I did 2 coats, to be honest. I might have been able to get away with just one, but there were a few little bald spots that would've driven me nuts, so I did 2. And it looks fantastic with just 2! With most glitters, to get complete coverage you'd probably end up doing like 4 thin coats. Not necessary with this polish.

I should also mention that this is wearing very well for me. Usually when I wear polish, I start getting small chips within 24 hours. This is going on 48 now and still not a single chip! I'll probably have to sandblast it off my nails in the end, but for wear like this I don't care! :)

Do you have any Milani one coat glitters? What do you think of them?


  1. Yes, blogger went crazy. It was down for a few days and some stuff got deleted :( I do have this polish! I think it is in my untireds. Looks amazing!

  2. That is gorgeous! I'll have to have a look at these!

  3. Do you know who is still carrying these polishes? I LOVE them!!!

  4. Swooz: I got this one at Target. I know some CVS carry Milani as well. Cherry Culture also sells them. :)


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