Saturday, April 23, 2011

Review: Hard Candy Glossaholic lipgloss

Hi all! Today I have a review of a new-ish product from Hard Candy available at Walmart: the Glossaholic lipglosses!

From left to right: Chill Out, Fairy, Gorgeous, Tipsy, Fireball.

If the fact that I have 5 doesn't tip you off, I LOVE THESE! These giant tubes of gloss house a sheer, flaky glitter packed gloss that smells heavenly. They smell like vanilla frosting to me, which is one of my very favorite scents for lip products. They also have a sweet taste to them, should you happen to taste them. Not that I have or anything. >.>

Do you know of Nfu Oh flaky nail polishes? These glosses are like those polishes in a lipgloss form! They're really neat. The only other gloss I've seen that is similar is MAC Superglasses.


Let's talk about that wand. Lookit that monster! That's the Glossaholic wand on the left and a normal lipgloss wand on the right. It's gigantic, like 3 times the size of the normal one! I initially thought this would be problematic, but I've come to realize that I like the gigantic wand! It covers your entire lip in one swipe, and usually there's enough product on the wand when you first take it out so that you don't have to re-dip. I love it!


So there's the swatches. I tried but simply could not capture the amazing iridescent glittery-ness to these glosses. In Chill Out, the glitter flashes pink & purple, in all the rest of the shades it flashes orange, green & pink. If you hold the tube up to the light and turn it, you can see the amazing flash of colors. It's very pretty!

As you can see the glosses themselves are pretty sheer. The first 2 are quite clear while the last 3 add just a hint of color. They look great on their own but are also fabulous over lipsticks and lipliners.

One would think that a gloss with so much glitter in it would be gritty and rough on your lips. But amazingly, these are not gritty. The formula is very thick and smooth, and I don't really feel any grittiness when I rub my lips together. I should note that it's a rather heavy gloss, meaning you can really feel it on the lips. It has a fair amount of stickiness to it but it's not terrible.

It probably goes without saying that if you dislike glitter, you might want to stay away from these. I personally like them, but I can understand how the glitter might turn some off. If you'd still like to try these, I'd recommend the shade Gorgeous. It's the least glittery in my opinion.

Do you have any Glossaholics? What do you think of them?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Very pretty! I don't have anything from Hard Candy! But the Chill Out gloss looks amazing! Thanks for the review!

  2. I've never tried Hard Candy but I think I will have to now!

  3. I so wish I had access to a Walmart right now!

    Fierce Nerditude

  4. Gorgeous is gorgeous! ha

    Never tried these, but glad they're not sticky

  5. I like the logo picture you had share hee. So beautiful eye shades did with this. Nice color range used in it.
    dean graziosi

  6. Thanks for swatching and reviewing these. I've been curious to try them. Love the shades and the novelty of the super-sized wand.
    - Mary


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