Friday, April 15, 2011

my favorite youtubers

Hi ladies. I've been wanting to do this for a while. I really like watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. Basically I'm going to make a list of my favorite youtube beauty gurus and tell you what I like about them. These are in no particular order of 'favoriteness,' just alphabetical. Be prepared to tell me your favorites in the comments!

Amarixe - I really like Amarixe because of her approachable 'girl next door' appearance and well spoken manner. Her tutorials are simple and easy to follow. When I want to watch a quick video, I look to her channel, because I find that her videos are on the shorter side. She condenses them very well. She gets to the point quickly and succinctly. She always looks great in her videos. She's a real pleasure to watch.

Dope2111 - I watch this channel purely for the 'wow' factor, rather than finding tutorials I can duplicate. She amazes me with how she can make her face look completely different just by contouring. You have to watch her Angelina Jolie vid, if nothing else.

Emilynoel83 - Emily was the first guru I ever watched on youtube, and I've been a subscriber ever since. I think of her as that beautiful newscaster who always looks beautifully made up, never a hair or eyelash out of place! Don't we all wish we could be like that? I love her style and imitate her signature eyeshadow application constantly. She's a bit of a 'jack of all trades' when it comes to a beauty channel. She has reviews, tutorials, general tips and tricks, hauls, shopping get a bit of everything with Emily and it's all great! I also love how Emily freely gives love to both high and low end products. If she likes it, it doesn't matter if it cost a dollar or $50, she promotes both high and low just the same.

Ginabinawina99 - I'm not gonna lie, I love this youtuber because she combines 2 of my greatest loves: makeup and cats! Her kitty Isaac's cuteness is lethal! I also trust her opinion when it comes to product reviews. She tells it like it is. Like Emily, she visits both the high and low end of the makeup spectrum. Like Amarixe, her vids tend to be on the shorter side, which is much appreciated sometimes.

GregoryGORGEOUS - True story: A guy taught me how to apply false eyelashes. I watched a ton of vids on the subject, his was the most clear, informative, and helpful. Also funny. He cracks me up!

Kelleyrie - There's no denying Kelleyrie is a beautiful southern belle. I find her voice to be easy on the ears although I can see how some might find it grating. Nonetheless, her 'Simply Defined' vid taught me how to do outer V.

LisaEldridge - If you want to watch a 'real' makeup artist in action, I say Lisa's the one. She's a professional and it shows. Those hands have put makeup on the faces of celebrities. She knows what she's doing and she has an incredible knowledge of the chemistry and history of makeup.

MakeupAdikt - I sub to some people on YouTube simply because they're freaking gorgeous and I can't take my eyes off them. MakeupAdikt would be one of those. She has an exotic look that is truly beautiful and her voice is like melted caramel; soft, creamy and smooth. She also has a ton of talent and pulls off some of the most amazing dramatic eye looks I've ever seen.

TiffanyD - Surely everyone's heard of Tiffany? I know, her voice and mannerisms on camera can get a bit stale, especially if you watch a lot of them in a row. But I love her techniques when it comes to eyeshadow application. She taught me most of what I know about neutral eyeshadow looks. She does mostly neutral 'safe' looks, though, so don't head to her channel if you want something bright and colorful (though she does do those occasionally).

MakeupGeekTV - Marlena is another very popular guru, and I can see why. Her enthusiasm for makeup is infectious. I love her bubbly personality and cheerful voice. She's another jack of all trades, but I like her makeup look tutorials best. She promotes makeup all across the cost spectrum and is wonderful about telling you dupes for something if you can't afford it.

Manwomanfilm - This is another youtuber I sub to simply because she's adorable and fascinating to watch. She doesn't speak a word in any of her vids, so if you could do without all the yacking, give Manwomanfilm a try! She looks so serene and happy while applying makeup, which is amazing to me. She doesn't concentrate on products, just technique and how to put things together. And dancing, swimming, making faces and generally being cute. She's so sweet she'll give you a toothache. I can hardly believe such a beautiful soul exists on this planet. Her personality glows every second she's on camera.

MissChievous - This youtuber is another one I learned a lot about eyeshadow application from. She has a laid back manner and always seems to be able to explain things in a way that I'll understand them. She does a wide spectrum of looks, from the neutral every day to the fantasy goth. She even has some nail tutorials (she has beautiful natural nails, btw). I found her brow tutorial very helpful.

Pinkiecharm - This particular youtuber seems to have a polarizing effect on people; you either like her or don't. She is a bit wordy for my tastes (read: looong vids), but I trust her opinion entirely when it comes to product reviews. Product reviews are all she does. She calls 'em how she sees 'em. She has a ton of reviews. If I'm thinking of trying something new, I usually head over to her channel, do a quick search, and 75% of the time, she's got a review on what I'm looking for. She takes requests, which I think is great. She spends her own money to review something a subscriber has asked for her opinion on. That's really commendable.

Pixiwoo - It'd be a crime NOT to have the famous sisters in my list! I'm not even sure what to say about them. They do amazing looks and they're fun to watch. I like how they both look like ordinary people in the beginning of their vids and by the end they've transformed into something so high fashion and amazing.

SarahVictor - Sarah was the definitive guru who taught me how to do perfect cat eye liner. Her tutorials are always perfectly edited with nice intros. I also think she's the guru that's most like me in terms of face shape and coloring, so I know if something looks good on her, it'll probably look good on me. Sarah has a ton of knowledge and a very keen eye. You know how some people say 'I'm doing a look inspired by this actress in this movie, or this magazine ad,' and it doesn't really end up looking like that? Sarah's tutorials always do look like her inspiration.

VintageorTacky - This is another youtuber that I like to watch for her eyeshadow application techniques. She's really laid back on camera and explains things well. She does a ton of bright, colorful looks, so if that's something you need inspiration for, I highly recommend her.

Whew! That list was entirely too long! I kept going through my subscriptions and thinking, well, I can't leave this or that person out. I subscribe to a lot more people, but those are my main favorites.

Your turn! Tell me, who are your favorite youtube beauty gurus? Is there any particular video that was a 'lightbulb' moment for you as far as teaching you how to do something? Spill it!


  1. You have amazing taste in YouTubers, I've clicked through the ones I've never heard of before, and I definitely see myself watching their videos from now on!

  2. Woww thanks for sharing....even I like Dope2111 and Sarah Victor!!

  3. Ooh, some of my favourites and some new ones to check out. I am blown away by Lisa Eldridge - that one she did on the young girl with acne was just incredible. I could watch her forever. And of course Pixiwoo - who doesn't love them?

    I don't mind the ramblers - I watch them at night when I'm going to sleep, lol.


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