Saturday, April 2, 2011

Maybelline Plum Smokes: review, swatches & EOTD

You may remember that I swatched & reviewed all my Maybelline quads a while back. I'd been keeping an eye on the Maybelline eyeshadow display, and I noticed a quad I didn't have called Plum Smokes. I don't really know if this is new, or maybe just new to me. I've been a little ticked at Maybelline for futzing with their pan size in their duos, trios & quads. (You'll see what I mean in a second.) They decided, instead of making all the pans be the same size, they needed to predict what shade we'd use more of, and make that pan bigger, while making others smaller. Which seriously drives me batty. Poorly played, Maybelline. You revamped your shadows so that they were so much better, and then you had to go and 'fix' what wasn't even broken? Argh.

So anyway, I'd been curious about that, and wondered if their new shadows in the new pan sizes were as good as the old equal size quads. So I picked up Plum Smokes in the interest of finding out.

UGGHHH, unequal pan size. I don't know, I just like the colors in my palettes to be the same size. I don't really know why. But the colors are very pretty. There's a peachy pinkish color, which Maybelline tells us is the 'base,' a gorgeous matte purple with pink sparkles for the lid, a shimmery plum for the crease, and a shimmery deep plummy brown for the liner.

And here's how they swatch. That pink color is hard and kind of...I dunno, crunchy? It's hard to describe. It was a pain to swatch, but it wasn't an unusable shadow by any means. I love that purple with pink sparkles! It's so pretty. Definitely my fav in this quad. The deep purple and brown are very nice shadows. The quality of this quad, on the whole, is what I've come to expect from Maybelline shadows. Yeah, they aren't the absolute best, but for the money, they're some of the best you can get at the drugstore.

I did a look using all the colors. Check it out.
I did everything 'as directed' by Maybelline except for the brown 'liner' shade, I put that in my outer V instead, and used Physician's Formula Eye Booster liquid eyeliner.

I really do like it, the colors go together fabulously. I wasn't getting the blend I wanted with the pink 'base' shade, so I ended up using some Too Faced In The Buff (a matte ivory) to blend out on the browbone.

What do you think? Do you like your palette pans to be the same size or do you not particularly care?


  1. I like my palette pans the same size, haha :)

    Pretty colors, I wish I could buy Maybelline.

  2. Gorgeous shades!!Looking great on your eyes <3

  3. The colors are gorgeous for your eye color!

  4. I recently bought this palette and wasn't sure I would keep it, but I really like the swatches of the 2 middle colors. (And I hate uneven pans, too!)


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