Thursday, April 7, 2011

EOTD: Mythical Mermaid + a little Walmart haul

Hiya! I picked up a couple of things from Maybelline's limited edition Eye Studio display (check out the details @ Noveau Cheap) a while back and did a look with them. I've also got a little haul to show you at the end of the post.


Sorry about the alarming zombie-ness of my full face photo. For some reason this was the only one I took, and I guess I thought it was good at the time. :-/ I don't usually look this out of it in person. Well...maybe I do sometimes. Ha!

Products used:
Jordana eyeshadow single in Supernatural - browbone
Maybelline Eye Studio quad in Mythical Mermaid - chartreuse green on lid, deep green in crease and outer V
Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner in Forest
Cover Girl Professional mascara
NYC Bronzer in Sunny
Benefit Sugarbomb
Chapstick on the lips because mine were really really dry

I say if you see that Forest gel liner, snatch it up if you don't already have a color like it. It's a nice color and the product is great. I like the Maybelline Eye Studio quads too, but they are very very shimmery, so be aware.

Now, onto my haul! I got all this at Walmart.

From top to bottom we have: NYC lipstain in Champagne Stain, Hard Candy Glossoholic in Gorgeous, GeoGirl cream blush, GeoGirl lip treatment, and 2 Revlon false lashes.

The lipstain will be my first. I'm excited to try it.

I already have 4 of the Glossoholics, they're AWESOME. I need to do a review. But I'd been looking for this shade for a long time. It must be popular because it's always gone. But I finally found it.

The GeoGirl stuff...hee hee! I couldn't help myself. This little brand was over by what I think of as the 'little girls' makeup. The packaging was so cute, I had to try a couple of things. They had lip balms and glosses, some 'lash tints,' loose mineral blush, pressed mineral eyeshadow, and these cream blushes. The stuff is all under $5.00, some under $4.00. It just really looks cute. They have recycled packaging, and there's little info blurbs on the inside about how to wear the product and how to be kind to the environment. It looks like it would be good for a young girl just starting out with makeup. I can already tell I love the lip treatment, it's soft, smooth, smells great and feels good. The cheek It's really shimmery, not much pigment, and feels kinda sticky. But I might be able to make it work. They were just fun little purchases, anyway, I wasn't expecting much.

Annnd...these are my first pairs of false lashes. I don't know what it is, but I've been feeling the urge to try falsies. I'm really nervous. Hopefully I don't screw it up and pull out a chunk of my natural lashes. I have pretty good lashes now, I'd hate to damage them. I like how they look with mascara, but sometimes I just feel like I want a little bit more. Any tips on applying my first time?

Hope you all have a great night!


  1. Great eye makeup.

    I've been interested in the GeoGirls things!

  2. NICE haul, and cute look as well! Do not be afraid of false lashes, you won't rip yours out, I promise! Just make sure you don't get the glue in your eye, it sticks to the eyeball pretty well (I found this out the hard way as I have unfortunately inherited the Hot Mess gene). Don't worry, crap like that only happens to idiot sticks like me! Actually, you do have some really nice eyelashes, you don't even need falsies! They are fun to play around with though.


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