Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend fotd: sexay smokey brown

Like my title? Haha! I've been trying to come up with more inventive titles than just "FOTD 10/23."

So, I did this look yesterday. I worked really hard on it and had a blast. I also love how it came out, so consequently there's more pictures than usual. Have a look see!


Products used:
28 neutral palette
WnW Color Icon eyeliner pencil in black
Cover Girl Remarkable mascara

Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in Tiki
Femme Couture Mineral Effects highlighter
Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Designer Label (<--freaking LOVE this lipgloss!)

Whew! Smokey eyes are a lot of work! I put in quite a bit of time on this, but it was very fun. I worked really hard on my gradient blending, I wanted it to be a nice gradual fade of color. Then when I was done with the eyes I worked on concealing my dark under-eye circles with concealer.

I was pretty worried about that WnW eyeliner pencil. They're the new WnW pencil liners, they cost 99 cents. They're so super creamy and easy to draw with! But with the extreme creamy texture usually comes smearing. That pencil did not respond well when I did a 'rub test' on the back of my hand. But, it was Sunday and I wasn't going anywhere, and decided to give it a shot. To give it some extra help I set the pencil with matte black shadow. And it stayed! Even under my eye. I was so surprised! Maybe that's all some of these smeary pencils need, to be set with a matching color eyeshadow. :) I was pleased with my discovery. I hardly ever put shadow on top of eyeliner.

What do you think? Is it sexay? LOL!

Have a good evening ladies!


  1. Love the look! You did a great job blending!

  2. Like I said, always sultry and sexy. Add a smokey eye and poof! perfect eyes! Love it :)

  3. Thanks, Peach! Thank you Joice! :)

  4. *whistle* Man those are some sexAY eyes! :D hee hee very beautiful, and of course the contrast on your skin!
    And setting the eyeliner with a shadow, hee hee, that's what I used to do before I learned that the eyeliner went on last! I would line my eyes, set w/black e/s and then whatever color over the top and it would last all day (even with the cheapest brands) :D

  5. really sexy and did a great your soft and juicy lips,perfect match.

  6. Thank you ladies! You all are so sweet! :X


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