Friday, October 29, 2010

Review: Wet'n'Wild Color Icon pencil eyeliners

When I first saw a display of these eye pencils a few weeks ago, I couldn't help myself, I bought one in every color that appealed to me. They're only 99 cents! You know I love a bargain. I thought since WnW recently revamped their whole line they might have reworked their eye pencils too. I tried their old eye pencils, they were hard and rough and tugged at my eyes. I'm so happy to say these new pencils are a vast improvement!

Check out the swatches!

Aren't they pretty? The are so soft and creamy and very easy to apply. As you can see I've already used my black one quite a bit. :) Now, I won't lie to you, I did the 'rub test' as soon as I got these and they did not do well, they smeared all over the place. But I've found that if I use a good primer and set these with a matching shadow, they do just fine! I used the black pencil very heavily in my brown smokey eye look a while back and it didn't smear under my eyes at all because I set it with black eye shadow.

Just for kicks I tried the white pencil on my waterline the other day, by itself, not setting it with shadow. I was surprised at how long it stuck around! After 4 hours it had faded from the corners of my eyes but I could still see it in the center of my waterline. The nice thing about wearing white on your waterline is that if it runs, you can't really even see it. Well, at least you can't on my pasty white skin, LOL! I wholeheartedly recommend the white pencil for use on the waterline. It's so soft! I could barely feel it when I was drawing it on.

That 'Taupe' is an interesting color. I discovered after swatching these that it is the perfect brow pencil for me! It's that exact light brown, dirty blonde color that my brows need. Most eye pencils are too dark or too reddish, but this one is just right. I'm happy to have a great brow pencil. I have since used it on my brows every day and have not had a single issue with it running or smearing.

I was thinking of using these like I would a NYX jumbo pencil, ya know? As a base for shadows. I think they'd be great in that respect. I also like them as liners. :)

And they're only 99 CENTS!

I love these. Wet'n'Wild is seriously my favorite drugstore brand, period. They make such great stuff at such affordable prices.

Have you tried these pencils? Did you experience smearing, or did they stay in place for you?

Have a great night, ladies!


  1. I haven't tried these yet. But you can't go wrong for only 99 cents! I really like the purple one! You will have to let us know how they work as a base!

  2. Peach: Will do! Thanks for your comment. :)

  3. I'm so glad you reviewed these pencils. I've used WnW's pencils in the past and I agree about the "tugging." I just threw away an old white WnW pencil intended for use on my waterline. It never did work very well. I would have had to press very hard and risk poking my eye out in order to get any product off of it so it just sat in my drawer for months unused. I can't wait to try the new version.


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