Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review: Revlon ColorStay foundation

I feel like all I do on my blog is review and swatch eyeshadows! I need to change things up so I (and my readers) don't get bored. :)

I use Revlon ColorStay foundation for normal to dry skin in Ivory, the very lightest shade. This is a staple product for me and I've gone through a couple of bottles since beginning my makeup obsession. It's not without its cons, but somehow I've found ways to get around them.

  • This color is absolutely perfect for my skintone. I've never used another foundation that matches my skin so completely. I'll keep buying it for that reason alone, but there are many other reasons to love it.
  • The staying power is phenomenal. While most other foundations I've tried have faded by the end of the day, Revlon CS is still going strong. It is not completely transfer resistant, you will find some on your napkin if you blow your nose and whatnot. But overall the staying power is the best I've found.
  • The coverage is great. I'd say it's medium to full, depending on how you apply it. This foundation makes concealer an option, not a must, and I love that since my time in the morning is usually limited.
  • I like to mix this foundation with others. To improve their coverage, to give them better staying power, and to make them closer to my skintone. Mixing foundations is nice, it often gives you the best of both worlds. :)
  • The price is reasonable, a bottle usually lasts me quite a while, and this foundation is widely available in a substantial range of colors.


  • I've seen a lot of reviews saying that this foundation 'freezes' up so quickly that you have to blend lightning fast. I simply have not experienced that, and I'm not sure why. Maybe that's a characteristic of the formula for oily skin, and not the dry skin formula? It's something to keep in mind, I think, because a ton of reviews on MUA say this.
  • Many MUA reviews also say this foundation looks very cakey and unnatural. I have found this to be true, but I started applying it in a different manner and it solves the cakey-ness problem. I slather on my SPF moisturizer, like I seriously put more on than I think I'll need, and then I apply CS with a soft sponge. Something about the moisturizer underneath plus the sponge makes this foundation look great and not at all cakey. Sometimes I also mix a teeny bit of moisturizer with the foundation itself. It sheers the coverage somewhat but makes it look so much more natural.
  • It does tend to make dry patches stand out, but it's not terrible. I combat this by exfoliating and using extra moisturizer.
  • The packaging sucks, it needs a pump.

So that's my review! Have you ever used ColorStay? What was your experience with it?


  1. I have used it, and I really like it.

    I love your handle! I am a huge Futurama fan. :D

  2. I was really surprised by just how much I liked Revlon colorstay! it's definitely not my favourite drugstore foundation but it's definitely high up on my list of favourites! I love that it lasts ages and to be honest I've never found that it looks cakey at all. Could agree more though - it needs a pump! I cant stand bottles where you actually have to pour out the required amount of foundation cos it's just way too time consuming and i never end up with exactly the right amount :)


  3. I've always wanted to try Colorstay because I have a serious problem with makeup sweating off, but it's so expensive here (like close to $40) and I'm too lazy to match my shade XD

  4. SilhouetteScreams: Yikes! That is expensive.


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