Thursday, October 28, 2010

my last Aromaleigh haul

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My last haul from Aromaleigh came today. The shipping was actually really quick, I was surprised. I ordered on Sunday and got it today, Thursday. I got full sizes of Pillow Talk, Slate, Darcelle and Chocolate Heart. I got 3 sample packs of Fake Out, Petit Fours, In the Mix, Fog, Shell, Cool It, Latte, Peach, and Heels on Fire, which I transferred into 5 gram jars. They also sent free samples of Bleu coquille, Bliss shadow, and Tickle perle powder.

I was really sad when I heard Aromaleigh was closing. I didn't visit the site after that and I didn't even know they were still selling their remaining eyeshadow until a while ago, shortly before placing this order. I got mostly 'boring' neutrals because 1) I know I'll wear them, and 2) that was pretty much all that was left. I got some of the mattes that I'd been wanting. I would've preferred more of the retro Hi Fi set, but they were mostly sold out, so I got what I could.

The gem of this haul is Darcelle. It was one of the first samples I ever ordered from Aromaleigh and it is still one of my favorite eyeshadows of all time. It's a gorgeous tarnished gold with a ton of blue sparks in it. It's very unusual and I've never seen anything else like it. I'm glad I was able to get a full size of it.

Have you made your 'last' Aromaleigh haul yet? What did you get?


  1. it's really sad..although i haven't used this brand but i think it will be good.

  2. Yes sad they are closing , i will miss aromaleigh ! Such beautiful sparklies . I've placed an order a week ago (i'm international , so it takes longer ) and i've ordered 3 samplesets of each new collection , and a few full sizes : Neon Lights , Odile , Ducinea , Viviane , Swelter , Plush Romantic , Lush Memoir , elegant reverie , 2 new from the spells! , Frutti di bosco , sampleset Ciao Italia , Tutu , Mireille , Colette , Pilowtalk , Verdant Wisp , Teddy Wisp , Wonderland , Viburnum and some 3-pack samples ... maybe i place another one next week with some newies from the Spell! and Mythos... if they're not closed till that time :D

  3. Luna: Wow, that's quite a haul! I hope you enjoy all your pretties. :)

  4. Havent even heard of the brand. maybe it's an American thing? the colours in the pic look great though, esp the baby blue shade. Looks forward to some swatches and/or EOTD posts! :)

  5. All Made Up: Yes, it's a little 'indie' brand from the states, like Fyrinnae. :) Thanks for your comment!

  6. I cant wait to see these on your eyeballs ;]

  7. SilhouetteScreams: Thank you, I'll do some looks very soon. :)


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