Thursday, September 9, 2010

Revlon single eyeshadow swatches

Hi guys! Tonight I have swatches of all my Revlon single eyeshadows for you. I really love these shadows. I have ignored Revlon in the past, but no longer. Their eyeshadows are some of the best the drugstore has to offer, in my opinion.

Here they are depotted and arranged in my 'ghetto' DVD palette. XD
That color I labeled 'Sable??' I really have no idea if that's the right name! This shadow was missing it's label when I bought it in Big Lots, but somewhere I got the idea that this shadow was called Sable, so I stuck with that.

Some color notes:
  • All are swatched over ELF Mineral Eye Primer.
  • Mattes are so hard to swatch. The mattes probably look pretty pitiful up there, but they really do come off very well on the eye.
  • 'Sable' is the most gorgeous shimmery brown. It looks a lot like a MAC shadow that I can't recall at the moment...
  • Black Galaxy, Violet Starlet, and Sunlit Sparkle all have a glittery sparkle to them, but it was hard to capture in swatches. Scroll down for those three over pixie epoxy, which helps them out quite a bit.
  • Nude Slip has become an HG for me. It's just one of those indescribable flesh tone colors that's impossible to screw up. I think it could easily join the ranks of Naked Lunch, Stila Kitten, etc etc.
  • The 4 light colors on the bottom of the palette all make excellent highlight colors. I've been using Sunlit Sparkle as a highlight with warmer looks lately and I'm really pleased with it.
  • Peacock Lustre could probably benefit from some Pixie Epoxy as well...I should've put it over PE along with the other three. It's a gorgeous color, nonetheless.
Here's the PE swatches I mentioned:
It's amazing what Pixie Epoxy can do, isn't it?

As an extra, here's an outtake:
That's my boyfriend's cat, lol! He's always very interested in my shoes, makeup, brushes, hair ties, etc etc. We say he's in touch with his feminine side. Haha!

Thanks for looking! Have a great night!


  1. LOL yay kitty!!! So cute :) I only have one revlon single, it was a matte pale pink. I don't remember what it's called but I did not like that sucker. Did not wanna show up. But I did see a nice yellow a few days ago I wanna pick up.

  2. Nice swatches - the sunlit sparkle and nude slip look gorgeous! Though none of the eye shadows are quite as cute as the cat :)

    P.S. I've been using Shadow Insurance by Too Faced recently. Is the ELF primer any good?

  3. KittenMittens: Thanks! :-D

    All Made Up: Actually, I think the ELF is every bit as good as UDPP! (I've never tried TFSI.) It holds up just as long. The packaging is great and the price is awesome as well. One thing, though: I wouldn't foil on top of the ELF. It breaks it down and causes creasing. So go with something more heavy duty if you want to foil. But for dry pressed shadow, it's top notch! A definite fave. :-)

  4. I think I'll definitely invest in the ELF primer for every day wear. May as well have something that costs a bit less if it's gonna do the same job! I'm starting to like ELF more n more - even their brushes are fantastic :)

  5. All Made Up: Oh gosh yes, I could not live without some of my ELF brushes! :D

  6. Cosmetic pics are my porn. My heart is racing!
    Too bad Revlon is so expensive in Romania. I'd give their eyeshadows a go but it'll be a cold day in hell when I spend over 20$ on one of their Colorstay quads :|
    Great great great idea with the DVD case, I have too many singles and misc. mini palettes taking up space. I hope I can find a pretty DVD case *crosses fingers*

  7. Joice: 20$?? Sheesh! That's insane.

    Yeah, I went so far as to buy a movie for my 8 year old daughter (picking one with a pink case) to get my ghetto palette! Haha!


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