Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 beauty products I can't live without

Hi guys! I saw this tag going around on Youtube and thought it sounded fun, so I decided to do it here on my blog. So here's 10 beauty products I can't live without. I decided not to include makeup brushes in this post because...well, let's not get too carried away, shall we? ;)

  1. Vitamin E Oil. I have majorly dry skin and this is the only thing that quenches it. I also think it's helped my under-eye trenches (i.e. wrinkles) to be less trenchy, too.
  2. My little bottle of homemade OCM. (That's oil cleansing method.) It's 25% castor oil and 75% extra virgin olive oil. This is a godsend for my dry skin. I used to cleanse with regular foamy cleansers and wondered why my face kept going haywire. It's the sulfates. I switched to OCM and haven't looked back. My face never feels tight, dry or itchy when I'm done washing my face now. Plus it removes mascara and eyeliner like nobody's business. Also, the castor oil makes my lashes and brows grow thick and lush.
3. My HG foundation, Cover Girl AquaSmooth cream in ivory. I wasn't expecting to find an HG when I tried this, I just wanted something to throw on really quick in the morning when I don't have time to mess with liquid. But this turned out to be the most natural looking foundation I've tried. It matches my skintone perfectly as well.

4. A concealer, specifically Cover Girl's Simply Ageless eye concealer. Gotta cover up those acne scars! I love this stuff. Great pigmentation and it never looks cakey.

5. An eyeshadow palette, specifically this Wet'n'Wild Color Icon palette inVanity. Not only is it a damn fine eyeshadow palette, it's also got the perfect color to fill in my brows. It's that middle matte brown on the left. Love it, can't live without it.

6. ELF's Mineral Eyeshadow Primer. For dry shadow this stuff works as well as UDPP, comes in manageable packaging and is crazy cheap. I'm dangerously close to finishing this tube. It's a good thing I've got like 2 backups! :D

7. Liquid liner of some sort. This is Wet'n'Wild's H2O proof liquid liner, it's a good one. It's funny, when I first started trying to learn how to put on eyeliner, I thought liquid was the most difficult kind and I couldn't stand it, now I love it more than pencil liners.

8. ELF's Blush & Bronzer duo. Honestly, I don't even use the bronzer side, it's way too dark on me. I could use it as an eyeshadow if I absolutely had to. But the blush is fabulous. It's very flattering and I don't have to work very hard on it. The gold shimmer in it just warms up my whole face. I have about 5 blushes, but 9 times out of 10 I use this one.

9. Lip balm of some sort. Chapstick is always a favorite but I usually have at least 8 kinds in my lip drawer.

10. I've saved the utmost favorite for last. Cover Girl mascaras. Specifically, old school Cover Girl mascaras like the Super Thick Lash, Remarkable, and Professional that you see here. I don't like the newer Cover Girl mascaras, I hate their sharp pokey brushes. These 'scaras have the old school brush and I like that. Cover Girl simply has the best formula when it comes to mascara, I've found. It's a bit drier, so it doesn't smear, yet it's flexible so it doesn't flake. I don't even have to get a waterproof version to be sure it won't smear under my eyes. The regular versions work just fine. Their formula is also very volumizing and gives a great dramatic lash. The brush is soft and glides right through the lashes to separate them nicely. I cannot do without these mascaras. If they ever discontinue all 3 of these I am going to be one sad camper. I'll probably be scouring eBay for the last tubes in existence and paying $20 a pop for them. Well...maybe not, but you get my point. I love these mascaras so, so much.

So that's it! What are the 10 beauty products you refuse to live without?


  1. Aaaaw I got a few Covergirl Professional mascaras when I was in america a few years ago! It is amazing and I can't get it here! I still hold on to the tube even tho it's all dried out lol xxx

  2. I think I'll have to invest in a few of those wet n wild palettes. Don't think any shops here in the UK stock them so I'd have to order them online. Grrr!

    in no particular order my top 10 beauty products at the min:

    Barry M dazzle dust
    Perfectslim Night by L'Oreal (this stuff is a godsend!)
    Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation (only started using this but it's awesome)
    super curlacious diamons mascara by Avon
    blush in shade 1 by MUA
    Too Faced Eye shadow duo in Totally Toasted
    Heel Genius by Soap and Glory
    Rimmels clear complexion compact powder
    Dermalogica skin hydrating mask (recent discovery which I adore!)

    These are likely to change on a daily basis cos I never stick with one product for too long but I'm currently loving each and every one :)

  3. Nic: Aww, that really sucks. :(

    All Made Up: It's interesting to see your top 10! I keep hearing good things about Avon mascara, I'll have to try some.

  4. i used this YT video as reference

    hope it helps!!


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