Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review: ELF BeautyBook Smoky Eye Edition

(Edit: Aqua-heart has much prettier swatches of this palette! Check them out here.)

Hi guys! I'm so excited, I actually have pictures for you today! This is my review plus swatches and pics of the ELF Smoky Eye BeautyBook. (Random aside: I've always spelled 'smokey' with an e! Does that 'smoky' look wrong to anyone else? *shrug*)

Disclaimer: I am not a professional makeup artist, nor am I a professional photographer. This is my hobby and I do it because it's fun and I love it. My photoshop skills leave something to be desired as well. >.> Anyway, I'm still learning. Constructive criticism is appreciated. If you do not like my pics, swatches, and/or eye looks, instead of just leaving a 'this sucks!' comment, how about some suggestions on how you think I could improve? Thanks!

Here's the palette open:

Uploaded with

And here's some close-ups of the shadows:

Last but not least, swatches!

All swatches are done on bare skin, no primer.

Some notes:
  • The #1 matte white shade is awesome! It really showed up in the swatches. A definite favorite of mine.
  • #2 & 3 are, of course, the powerhouse shades of the palette. They are really gorgeous.
  • My personal favorites are 1-4, 7, and 12
  • The swatches are less than impressive, I'll admit. These perform and look much better over a base. The lighter fleshtone shades are actually very pretty and great for a neutral eye.
  • All the shades except #1 are shimmers.
  • These shadows are way soft and easily gouged. Be careful with them.
  • They last all day with primer.
  • The packaging sucks. There was this plastic film sheet thing covering the shadows, I cut it off. It was in the way. The magnet holding it together isn't very strong. It could easily come open. I'd never carry it like a book, either, that would be asking for trouble. So take care with this palette.
  • The price was awesome!
This palette is a great buy in my opinion, and I'm stoked to have it in my stash.

Here's an EOTD I did with it:

This was #2 from lashline to crease, #3 in the center of the lid, #4 in crease blending out, and #7 on the browbone. I also used Femme Couture cream eyeliner in black on the upper lashline, and Styli-Style liner in soft black on the waterline. The mascara is Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion.

So what do you think? Will you be adding the Smoky Eye BeautyBook to your stash?


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