Saturday, August 28, 2010

Review: ELF BeautyBook Neutral Eye Edition

You may have seen this coming. :) I've saved the best ELF BeautyBook for last. This is the Neutral Eye Edition, and it's my favorite. I'm simplifying the post, just showing you a close up of the shadows, because you can look at one of the other BeautyBook posts to see how the entire palette looks. They all look the same.
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And look at that, I managed to get all the swatches on one arm! :P
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This palette is the best of the 3 in terms of shadow quality. It has that same soft, easily gougeable quality that the others do, but the shadows have solid pigmentation and great texture. Gorgeous colors, of course. I love that there's a mixture of finishes in this palette; some satins, some shimmers, and some mattes. Naturally these last all day with primer. I could see me doing my eye makeup for 6 months with nothing but this palette and being completely happy about it. Not that I'm ever going to do that, haha!

If you decide that you're only going to get one of the ELF BeautyBooks, my vote's on this one. All shadows are top notch and would please any neutral lover.


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