Sunday, August 29, 2010

Review: Claire's Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

Wow, I'm on a blogging roll this weekend! So here's the review of that Claire's palette I was telling you about.

A couple of shots of the palette itself:
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Pretty colors, huh? There's 48 shadows total. It was on clearance so I paid $4. Not bad. Looks like Claire saw fit to put some of the same colors in twice, though. Some even in the same set of 4 triangles. :-/I like how they're arranged in triangles though, it looks nice. The casing is crap, though. Very flimsy plastic. I could get broken very easily, I think.

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Some color notes:
  • On the whole, the shadows are really pigmented. The only one I was unhappy about was 20, it looks green in the pan and comes out this weak silver.
  • I really love 1-4! Such pretty blues. That's one of my favorite sets of 4 here.
  • 1 & 19 are totally the same color. :-/
  • 9 is a very nice white highlight shade, actually. I've used it several times now and am happy with it.
  • 10 & 11 are the same color. In the same triangle set! *sigh*
  • 12, 16 & 44 are all very similar. Tiny differences, not really enough to necessitate putting all 3 in the palette.
  • 8 & 23 are very similar.
  • I swear 13-16 & 41-44 are the exact same 4 shades, just arranged differently. They look different here because of different positioning/lighting.
  • 6, 23 & 40 are very similar.
  • 29, 32 & 46 are pretty much the same color.
  • Look at 17 & 18! Aren't they pretty? Love those two colors.
  • 7 & 22 are similar.
  • There are other similarities, but I'm getting kinda annoyed listing them all.
  • Love the bronze/coppery colors here. They're really pretty.
So, like I was telling you earlier, the texture of these shadows is so weird. They're chunky! They aren't finely milled at all. When I was swatching I was 'scooping' up clods of color with my qtip and then carefully patting/pressing the color on my arm. Really weird. And when you use a brush to put these on your eye you get chunks too, that you have to be careful about blending. It's the oddest eyeshadow textures I've ever come across.

Obviously my feelings on this palette are mixed. Colors are pretty, casing crap, texture odd. But I only paid $4, so I can't work up the gumption to feel too upset about the negatives. was a fun buy? Hehe. I dunno.

Do you have any Claire's eyeshadow products? How are they and what do you think of them?


  1. I gave away the only 2 claires shadow sets I bought. Unlike yours here, mine were actually crap for pigment! I only bought the one because it had a red in it but I found a much better red. And the other I bought looked pretty until your swiped it and the shimmer disappeared. growl. I would totally grab this palette if I spot it though!

  2. Hi, KittenMittens! Yeah, I figured pretty much any cosmetic product from Claire's is a crapshoot. You just never know! I do like this palette quite a bit despite the trash I talked about it. XD It's fun to play with, and I don't have to feel bad if I break it or something. It's totally worth the $4, but I wouldn't pay a penny more!

    Thank you so much for commenting! :)

  3. 48 eye shadows for $4 seems like such a bargain! but then I guess it isn't if you aren't gonna keep using them...

    The swatches look completely fab so it's a shame about the texture. I've found some of the seriously cheap brands have very coarse, loose podwer which can be a nightmare to apply. Then when you finally get it on your lids there's loads of excess which ends up all over the under eye area!

    Normally Claires make up is fairly good quality so I'm pretty surprised by this palette!

  4. All Made Up: You ain'ta kiddin. I was surprised too. Well, I'm probably going to try to at least get some use out of this palette...somehow, someway! :-D

  5. I know that chunky texture! I hate it! We have a company here similar to Claire's (only the colours are soooo boring!). I think the only reason they seem so pigmented is that you get half the pan on the lid :D


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