Saturday, August 28, 2010

eotd 8/23

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Hmm, I'm trying to remember what I used here. I know I used an eyeshadow palette that I got on clearance at Claire's. I used a green for the lid, a purple for the outer corner, and a white for the highlight. I also used a Milani purple liquid liner, which I thought turned out really nice. Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion mascara, of course. I remember thinking how weird these pictures are, because my outer corners look so grey! At the time I put it on, it seemed a lovely dusky purple. Maybe it's just the lighting? I dunno.

The Claire's palette is pretty nice. The shadow textures seem kind of...chunky? I dunno, they're a bit weird when I try to blend them. But they are very pigmented. I think I'll do swatches and a review of that next. I'm on a bit of a palette kick lately.

I also remember realizing when I looked at these pics that my eyelid never smooths out when I close my eye. There's always that little fold in the middle. It bothers me because other bloggers lids look so smooth and rounded when closed. I guess I'm just aging and my lids are saggy? I dunno. I have kind of sunken eyes to begin with.

Anyway, I'm babbling. Thanks for looking! :)


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