Wednesday, August 11, 2010

E.L.F. BeautyBook jabber

I had just finished my eye makeup this morning and my fiance walked over to give me a hug before he left. He said 'Oooh...' and just stared at me for a bit. When I asked him what was up, he said he was getting 'lost' in my eyes. Hehe! I did a dark dramatic smokey eye today with lots of liner. I very rarely do this look, not because I don't like it, but because I've been trying to incorporate color into all my eye looks lately. I asked the fiance if it was too much, and he said no, that he liked it, that he just wasn't expecting it. Apparently guys do like the smokey eye! It's very Megan Fox. Although I gotta say I seriously cannot stand that woman. Partly because my fiance has some sort of crush on her. :-/

ANYWAY. I did today's smokey eye look with the new Smokey Eye Edition BeautyBook from E.L.F., available at Target! I am so super pleased with this palette. The packaging leaves a lot to be desired, and there is the occassional dud among the shades, but most of them are crazy pigmented and soft and buttery. And only $5? Yes please!

One thing I've noticed about E.L.F.'s shadows, and also Wet'n'Wild's shadows, is that they're so soft and powdery, you end up gouging a lot out of the pan when you're only swiping lightly to pick up some color. They can really fall apart and make a mess of your palette or whatever. Did E.L.F. and WnW sacrifice adhesion for pigmentation and smoothness? Kinda weird. Honestly, I'm not complaining. My favorite shadows lately have been E.L.F. and WnW! I just wonder what goes on with their formulation and why the shadows don't want to stay in the pan.

I have the other 2 E.L.F. BeautyBooks as well, a Brights edition and a Neutral edition. I have played with the Neutral one a bit and liked it very much. The Brights is supposed to be a dupe of Urban Decay's Ammo palette, which I have. The other day I sat down and swatched the 'dupes' plus their high end counterparts on my arm. I see similarities, but many of the dupes are close cousins rather than twins. There are a couple that look exactly alike, but you can tell the difference between most of the pairs. E.L.F. definitely had UD's Ammo in mind when they chose these colors. One in particular is better than the UD, in my opinion! It's the dupe for Oil Slick, a glittery black, and the E.L.F. version is just so much clearer, sharper, and easier to work with, while the real Oil Slick looks like a muddy mess with glitter thrown in.

All in all, I'm loving these palettes! I find myself thinking about them during the day and sometimes opening them just to gaze at the beautiful colors when I'm at home. It's not weird. :-P If you're reading this blog I'm sure you know how makeup is eye candy to the cosmetics junkie!

Hopefully I can get some pictures and swatches of these palettes up soon.

Do you have any of the E.L.F. BeautyBooks? What do you think of them?


  1. I told you, deep blacks and well deep colors provide an amazing contrast with your skin tone look beautiful on you!!! :) Lovin' the bloggy so far!


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